Help me find an article about the virtue of anonymous multiplayer

I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find this article I read a while ago.

It was about the virtues of multiplayer against anonymous, random opponents – even, perhaps, in preference to playing with your friends.

It was written on a credible (known? established?) blog by a credible author.

I need to find this article because I want to reference it in an article I’m writing.

Help me Q23, you’re my only hope!

No Idea! But I kind of like playing Multiplayer shooters anonymously. TF2 and BCBF2 both have clear enough objectives and roles that tons of teamwork happen with no communication.

When I first saw MUDs I was excited at the prospect of an RPG where you weren’t across the table from your friends — I hoped not only for more immersion, but for the ability to really role-play freely without going easy on your friend or wasting time rules lawyering. Of course, that’s not really what happens.