Help me find - North Korea travel blog

A couple years or so ago, I saw a link on here for a blog of someone who had visited North Korea as a tourist. There are a fair number of blogs like that now, but I’m looking for this specific one, or at least an equally good one. I remember specifically him talking about the special tourist areas set up with Western food, etc, and his brushes with the police. This isn’t much information, but is there some famous piece that I’m thinking of or should just read instead?

I think it was this, which isn’t even a blog. Thanks Dan!

The one I saw recently was the Vice Guide To NK. I enjoyed the older Welcome to North Korea, and there was one other I’ll try to find with a lot of good interviews with escaped NKers. Also, there have been some really good NK books published in the last couple of years (The Cleanest Race, Under the Watchful Eye of the Fatherly Leader (iirc)).

Are you talking about the Vice Guide one? Can’t link it on my phone.

[Edit]: What LK said.

The Vice guide to Liberia is also excellent.

Yeah, that was good too.