Help Me Find This Disney Cartoon

I remember 40-50 years ago there being a Disney episode (I say that because I think it may have been shown during the weekly Disney TV Show). It was a show that demonstrated in animation style where many of the fairy tales originated from. Things like “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” and other English and Euro fairy tale stories. I would love to show this to my wife.

Something like this?

Not going to lie: I just searched for ‘disney mary mary quite contrary’ on YouTube!

Rocky/Bullwinkle had a recurring segment with “Fractured Fairy Tales” that was amusing. Could that be it?

That’s it. I thought it was probably more of a Brothers Grim thing, and more of an hour show and not a 15 minute cartoon. I tried googling and that was all I got, but I never used the “Mary Mary” part until I posted here.


That was cute! I hadn’t seen that cartoon before.