Help me graduate

When I’m not raging about underpowered guns in BF Bad Company 2, I’m a graduate student at the New School for Social Research. My area of interest is judgement and decision-making, and to that end I am running a survey intended to measure how people plan ahead in certain situations. Your participation is valuable, and it is my hope that you also find the study interesting. Oh, and did I mention it’s a requirement for my degree?

where’s the shit bonerz option?

I’ve just started it and I can tell you that the wording of some of your questions is going to be confusing for some people. I had to reread a few to figure out what you were going for exactly.

Edited to add: Are you taking into account age/gender? That might not be of use to your study right now, but down the line might be interesting figures to have.

I knew I forgot something . . .

I’ve tightened down a couple of the questions with regards to which format answers are accepted in, which should help. Also, ambiguity is fairly common in personality-related assessments, so with that component we’re just looking for your best interpretation of the statement.

I’d like to avoid spoilerz in this thread on specific questions for control purposes, but feel free to PM me here, or send an e-mail to the address on the consent form. Also, if people are interested, I can post my findings here once the study is done (it may get published, but I’m not holding my breath).

Demographic info would be interesting, but because I went through an expedited ethics review I’m leery about gathering too much personal info on participants.

Sweet name, and interesting topic.

Cool, I’ll take this when I get home from work.

Is there a question in there about the relative effectiveness of the noob tube vs. the skill cylinder or the pro pipe? If so I’m totally in.

One thing you definitely need to ask for is risk aversion, unless you lied to me in your explanation page.

I think I’m covered in that regard, but I sent you a PM with a more in-depth explanation just to double-check.

For the last question, I entered “$25” and the response was, “PLEASE ENTER A PROPER AMOUNT IN US DOLLARS.” Huh.

hm, have you tried simply 25? The survey software is a bit unsophisticated and I had to exclude text responses.

Yep, I did and it worked fine.

I put $134.45. If I have 75% coverage, I can purchase a gap filler/umbrella policy for the rest. The 25% missing would leave you open to catastrophic losses and death causing you in excess of 50,000, or whatever a quarter of your state’s wrongful death cap is, but with no upward limit on the policy, I would be a fool not to buy it and supplement it with a second policy with a modest deductible and a ceiling of roughly $750,000. If the 75% kicks in first, I am concerned that the second company would attempt to make me reach the full amount of the deductible before paying, in essence making the deductible four times what it is on paper, whereas I could also possibly get the second coverage to kick in after paying only one quarter of the deductible, since it would be unfair for the second insurance company to benefit from my agreement with the first company. I would have to take a look at both policies.

Any more than about $140, and I could cover the outward risks more cheaply with a single policy and be safe for any incident short of multiple individuals suffering permanent C3-C5 vertebra trauma. But again, since the policy you mentioned didn’t specifically exclude it, it might include intentional acts, which would be very rare for an insurance policy but also very valuable, as it would avoid a lengthy court battle over whether someone, most likely a child, meant to paralyze someone when they pushed them down the stairs.

I’ve sold insurance.

Whatever, the M60 is clearly overpowered.


You mean is there a psychological component to nomenclature that determines a person’s effectiveness in-game? That’ll be my next study.

To all who have replied so far: thank you for your time, your clothes, and your motorcycle.