Help me ID a song

I heard a song, I believe as incidental music in a TV show, earlier this weekend, and it’s driving me crazy trying to remember it. It was a minor hit either in the 90s or early 00s, and the first line is:

“Hey lady, I want to date your daughter”


“Hey lady, you have a lovely daughter”

I could be wrong about both, because Google’s not helping. It’s a mid-tempo rock song with verses that are in a minor key and a little ominous, but the chorus is in a major key and louder.

Any ideas?

It’s not a cover of Herman’s Hermits, is it?

It’s “Hey Mister.” I got a PM. :)

The artist is Custom.

This is the most recent “ID a song” thread I could find on there, so here goes.

I just listened to a video reaction to Wooly Bully, which was fun. And my brain is telling me there’s another 60s song that was covered a ton like Wooly Bully, also on the border of the joke/novelty category, like Wooly Bully, but different. And it was a pretty popular song in prior decades. The kind of thing I will smack myself for not remembering when you folks point it out. And specifically, the reason my brain is tasking me on this is, I associate this song with Wooly Bully. Like when the old rock stations would play a thematic “two-fer” they would play Wooly Bully & this song.

What the hell is it? I am sure at least one of you folks know what I’m talking about. @triggercut ? Others?

This… tasks me that I cannot remember.

Like in my mind it’s the OTHER song that Jeff Spicoli could have sung along to at the end of Fast Times but didn’t (he sang Wooly Bully). But there is another song that could have slotted right in there…

Maybe 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians?

No. To the best of my memory, it was a “high energy song” like Wooly Bully, and IIRC it had a one word title. And it was covered a TON. It might have been from the late 50s or early 70s so not 100% necessarily the 60s. But my memory associated it with Wooly Bully.

A one-word-title, high energy 60s party song that was covered a bunch. What is it?


Close. That “one word” thing might not be a hundred percent. My memory is imperfect. But Tequila is in the right vibe space.

Hang on Sloopy?
Mony Mony?

My memory… gah.

It was a bit harder rocking than most of the suggestions thus far.

It… eludes me. I KNOW the song, but it… tasks me.


Louie Louie!

Surfin’ Bird?

Edit: Nevermind. :)

Specifically that version by the Kingsmen.

Damn it, I knew this one right off the bat for a change! But only because of KFJC’s “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon.

Regular readers of this website know that this special marathon lasted 63 hours, with over 800 unique versions broadcast over the air waves, setting a new world record. Attending this event was special guest Richard Berry , the songwriter of this song, who’d never experienced anything like this in his life. Richard also met for the first time, a member of the Kingsmen when original vocalist Jack Ely was able to catch a last-minute flight from Portland Oregon to San Francisco to attend this historic event.

To me, the two songs go together, at least in my memory. Similar “vibe”, similar era of peak popularity, both muchly covered, and both suitable for a sing a long by a massively stoned Jeff Spiccoli.