Help me identify this episode of Night Gallery (?)

I’m pretty sure I’m thinking of an episode of Night Gallery, but I wasn’t able to pick it out from a list of episode synopses. So I could be completely wrong. All I know for sure is that it would be been on TV sometime back in the 70s.

The main thing I remember is the corpse of a creepy-looking old lady. There’s someone in the house at night for some reason, presiding over the corpse. And the corpse keeps turning up in new places, or moving when no one’s looking, or its eyes come open. There might – I’m really shaky on this part – be something about a ring the corpse is wearing.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? It might be a Night Gallery or an Outer Limits. I’m hoping one of you guys who is my age might also remember being freaked out by this when you were a kid and you might know what it is.


It’s Populous, isn’t it?

That sounds an awful lot like ‘The Drop of Water’, one part of Mario Bava’s anthology film Black Sabbath. Good gravy, that corpse scared the bejeezus out of me the first time I saw that (hell, it still gives me the willies).

i had blocked out that segment of that film, but thanks to your lovely screenshot, it will be in my dreams for the next three days

Yeah, I saw that when I was 10 and it did me in for weeks…

I’m convinced my parents should be investigated for child neglect for letting me watch certain episodes of Night Gallery, like “The Doll.”

Oh, and “Trilogy of Terror,” starring Karen Black and a demonic Zuni fetish doll.

BTW, it appears that at least some Night Gallery eps are available on Hulu, in case you’d like to pick at some childhood scabs.

The one with the dude locked in the room with a spider terrified me. Even though the foul, eldritch creature looked ridiculous.

There was also a decent adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s story ‘Pickman’s Model’ - I know they did ‘Cool Air’ as well, but I’ve not seen it.

Musashi, gah!!! It seems like you might have found it. Also, please do not show me that at this point in time.


Me f*cking too. Damn them. I think I grew-up with permanent chill up my spine from the stuff they had me watch in the 70’s.

Musashi, you rock. That was totally it. I just watched it on YouTube. Here’s the first part, with the second part here. Kind of cheesy, but still effective. I really like the way Bava plays with pulsing light in the nurse’s house. Great stuff. It has that haunted funhouse feel that makes Italian horror so playful, but freaky.


Thanks, my pleasure! Bava’s one of my favorite directors - I love his ability to do amazing things on a shoestring budget. If you dig ‘cheezy but awesome’, you might want to check out Bava’s [B]Danger: Diabolik[/B]. John Philip Law (Pygar from Barbarella) plays Diabolik, a master thief anti-hero who concocts a plan to steal 20 tons of gold from the Italian government. Diabolik’s lair is a masterpiece of low-budget cinematography. The DVD is out of print, but you can Netflix it…

Hey, isn’t that the film MST3K went out on? (Diabolik, that is).

That stuff was awesome as a kid, my sister and I still remember watching those.
I saw some kind of “Zuni” doll remake, kind of picking up where the last one ended, it ends up terrorizing a criminal investigator in her lab.

Yes it is.

Good episode, too

By Zarquon, I think you’re right…

Amazingly enough, there was also a short-lived Fox Kids cartoon based on the same character.


That was Trilogy of Terror II, I’m pretty sure. 3 stories starting the same actress as a different character in each one, just like the original (where Karen Black played 3 characters in 3 stories).

CGI zuni demon doll was obviously CGI though.

I love it! I LOL every time you say this. ahhh good times, good times.

Okay, I have another one you guys can remember for me:

It was a trilogy suspense movie, just like ‘trilogy of terror’, and came out around the same time. The one I most remember is the story about the mother whose child died and she tried to resurrect him with black magic in her spooky mansion on the top of the hill by the ocean. A day later, her formerly dead kid shows up at the door in the middle of a storm and she takes him in. Needless to say, it’s not exactly her kid, and they didn’t exactly have a harmonious relationship. It was the ending of that segment that took place on the stairs that freaked me out.

I know this was remade. The original had the same kid who played the son in ‘Burnt offerings’ with Karen Black and Oliver Reed.

got it…‘Dead of night’ from 1977. Have to look for this one.

One thing leads to another. Now I’ve found youtube links for more shows I saw as a kid: ‘Circle of fear’ and ‘Ghost story’. There seems to have been at least 3 horror/suspense series going at once in the early 70’s. Night gallery is the one I remember most. Anyone have recommendations on episodes to see from ‘circle’ and ‘ghost story’?

Wow - Wikipedia says that Martin Scorcese regards the 1945 ‘Dead of Night’ as one of the scariest films ever made, and that it inspired the Steady State model of the universe. I may have to check this out.