Help me kill Vista on my machine-

It is sucking the life out of me.

THis is a double post on another forum but I really need help here- :

Vista hates games…I am 3 months into using and and it does. Anyway, I give up- I am playing LOTRO and frankly Vista just pisses that game off- so I need to drop to XP and that is my problem.

Computer is a brand new Dell. I have reformatted the drive, and reinstalled Vista only keeping all that Dell crapware off. The machine has 2 programs- WoW and LOTRO on it…and the operating system, that is all.

I own a retail version of XP.

When I boot from the XP disk, the install starts and about 5 minutes into it, I get a message that my install has stopped to prevent damage- it tells me to uninsall all my newly installed hardware and that my computer might be infected with a virus…and its not. The installation will now quit.

And then i have to restart- and in the end, I can’t put XP back on.

Any ideas on how to get around this?

It sounds like you’re not reformatting the drive as you’re doing the XP install, so perhaps try that if you can back up the stuff you want to keep first.

hmm ok, consider my noobishness…

First- there is nothing to save – I can reformat without worry so that helps.

Now, when I boot from the XP disk, the process just sort of starts up and runs- and eventually I get that error screen- is there somthing I need to do to force a reformat after the process starts?

Nuke the harddrive with the admin console. It’s the only way to be sure.
Use ‘fdisk /mbr’ and ‘fixboot’ to properly trample the partition tables. The XP
installer should then proceed normally. I had to do the same thing to Dell
laptop last week.

Do you have a second hard drive?

If you have a Vista installation, it isn’t hard to install XP on a second drive and then have a dual boot. The Vista bootloader even supports this, which makes it pretty slick.

I’d suggest searching for vista-xp dual booting instructions. Other than the hour it took for XP to install, getting the dual boot working took less than 10 minutes and has worked perfectly for me.

I do like the idea of dual boot too…hrmmmm

I assume you can’t do it with a partition but need a separate HD to do that?

You can definitely dual boot using a single drive with two partitions.

awesome-- that might be the best–

Thanks guys for all the input-i really appreciate it.

You can do it with a partition for each system. A shared data partition is recommended.

Two words: Black Widow.

Delete the partition when installing, then it’ll have to format the thing.

dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda bs=1024

from any linux rescue cd. nukes your entire harddrive for real, have fun :)