Help me pick a mouse

I’m open to suggestions. Must be available from CompUSA. Please help. Must be optical, must have a wheel, must have a couple extra buttons, preferable one on each side.

I like both the MX518 (wired optical) and MX1000 (wireless laser) mice from logitech. I don’t like their “G” line, which lack a forward button. I hate the microsoft mice with the smooth scroll wheel. Go to compusa and try em out, see what feels good in your hand.

I use this and it works great:

It looks either really cool or really ugly, depending on your tastes.

IIRC, I don’t like the way that l-tech shape feels :/.

For reference, this was my last mouse, before it wore out, and I liked it a lot, because I liked the feel, and I liked that it had a button on each side. I was kinda thinking about a change of pace this time, though.

Friend just got this, I tried it and really regret getting my MS wirelss optical 3000 mouse. That MX518 is really nice too.

By the way, those prices are pretty high. The MX510 in almost any decent, small computer store here sells for about $25 Canadian. The MS optical 3000 is $39 US in CompUSA; I paid $15 Canadian last week in Canada Computers for a blister pack version.

That’s ok; the reason it has to be from there is because a friend of mine says he can get me a deal.

I just picked up the new Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 when the button started crapping out on my old mouse. Didn’t do my usual research, just saw “laser,” “gaming,” and a good discount and bought it.

Really like it. Very precise, fairly small (comfortable, but not so much that it will tempt you to leave your hand on it and aggravate RSI problems), and buttons on both sides. Plus the scroll wheel has notches, as it should – no annoying smooth scroll.

One thing I like about the 518 is the in-game/no-software sensitivity switch. Also, it might not actually be the same shape that I hate. Guys, is it a new shape, or is it the same one they’ve had for like six years now?

The only logitech mouse with a new shape is the MX1000 wireless laser, it’s slightly different. The rest of them, MX500, MX700, MX900, G5, G7, etc, are effectively identical.

If you do go for a MS mouse, just remember to check if it has a notched scrollwheel or not. I don’t know anyone that actually likes the smooth wheel. There’s no feedback.

I’m using a ten-buck cheapy mouse from the local village rip-off office-supply hole-in-the-wall. It has a smooth scrollwheel, and I’m okay with that. The feedback is that it moves in increments, so you can nudge it a step down or a step up with no trouble.

I don’t see any particular advantage or disadvantage to “milling” the scrollwheel.

I use the MS intellimouse explorer. They are a little bigger, but not really very heavy anymore. Very precise, constructed sturdily.

It’s a bad mouse.
Not bad as some crappy thing made in Taiwan and sold with a name, you’ve never heard of etched on bad. But bad. Compared to Razor or Logitech it’s just as precise, but with less options for the same price (or slightly less) and for nongamers, it misses the sidescrolling (which I like at work) and a few buttons. And yes, the scrollwheel isn’t completely smooth, but it moves smooth, not incremental like the Logitechs.

I used to use the Logitech MX900 for both work and gaming and it was perfect, allthough after a years time, the battery is crapping out on me.
Now I work with the MX1000 and game with the G5.
I like that I can adjust the weight and it’s utterly precise. Go G7 if you really want wireless, it’s great too.
The Razor Copperhead is also a good mouse with remarkably precision, but I just don’t like the feel in my hands - the G-mouses fit perfectly. Ymmw.