Help me pick my next hyperfocus sandbox/open-world shooter

Far Cry 3 was absolutely the most fun I ever had dying in a PC or video game. And I do mean that most sincerely (I took the ending with the bad girl making a mess of me instead of saving my friends and I do not regret that decision in any way, shape or form).

Alas, I’m bored with Fallout New Vegas now. Used that Robo Certified mod that let you create robots from bits of parts and brains (including Ceasar’s brain who you can make into your own super-cyborg mindless minion to turn against his own army in the final battle and even that didn’t excite me enough to finish my re-play) and realized I’m just… done with it now, like I am with witcher games.

Days Gone: Really fun open world with tons of emergent and dynamic stuff that can happen. One of the prettiest open worlds out there, and taking on the hordes is a really unique and exciting challenge.

I can second Days Gone. A fun open world zombie shooter but with limited replayabilty because the story is heavily showcased and focuses mostly on the hero trying to reclaim his lost, presumed dead wife (the first half) then when he finds her he tries to reclaim his lost balls because she’s then constantly nagging him and destroying the fun he had with his best bro killing zombie and human baddies and blowing things up and insists he do it with her instead. Cut scenes between he and his Lily Rabe look-a-like wife (I’m more of a Jodie Comer cultist) were so numerous I would have certainly quit the game if there was no way to skip them but luckily there was. Don’t let the guy’s wife (the 2nd half) once she shows up discourage you. It’s a great open world zombie game.

You are the anti-me. I usually play tons of games, never focusing on one.

I think that game is basically impossible to play (or very boring at least) solo.

He played tons of hours of GW Widlands. I don’t think the writing quality is a factor in his choices. :P

It’s the best of 3d fallout games, but given his post, I’m not 100% sure is what is searching for.

I would go with the Borderlands series for him, yeah. Or Far Cry 4, it’s my favorite one of 3-4-5.

If we’re going to start suggesting sandbox or open-world games that aren’t shooters (i.e., Elden Ring) may I also interest you in some Mount & Blade: Warband? Though, Bannerlord is also an option if graphics are a concern, but the Bannerlord mod scene hasn’t had as many years to gestate obviously.

And if vanilla Warband isn’t quite your jam there are a ton of popular mods that can make the Mount & Blade experience utterly engrossing. Whether it is Prophecy of Pendor, Last Days of the Third Age, Perisno, Gekokujo, etc… There’s a mod for almost anything.

I would like to bring up 7 days to die, which is a zombie survival shooter. It supports co-op multi-player and pvp if you are into it.

It is really good and should be getting a major update sometime this month.

They also extend display rifles with longer barrels as only longer barrels, without extending any of the rails that would also be extended on a real weapon, so you see barrel+rail → barrel only → suppressor and it looks stupid.

I still love(d) Wildlands and mourn the likely fact we will never get another game like it from a AAA dev; maybe an indie will make something close that isn’t a game-as-a-service.

I really enjoyed the latest Sniper Elite game, Sniper Elite 5. It might be worth checking out as you said you enjoyed the sniping in Wildlands.

I had a lot of fun with that game, stealthing around, killing Nazi’s etc. Probably would scratch the itch.

Hard agree. I tried to get into Far Cry 5, and I just couldn’t handle the amount of story involved stuff that takes away your freedom to engage in certain encounters. And those “drug cutscenes” they were eye rollingly hokey and I couldn’t stand that part of the story.

Far Cry 3 invented the color green.

Also making bags out of sharks.

I need to try Days Gone, eventually. I’m not a zombie game guy though.

Yeah, this would be my recommendation too. I’d go with Borderlands 2: so many expansions (Tiny Tina FTW!) and you can get it dirt cheap. Graphically, Borderlands 3 isn’t’ that much better than B2, so I’d go with that to start.

BL2 is great. BL3 is too, but in some ways for different reasons. BL3 is more about end-game guilds and repeatable content for me, while BL2 is more about going through the game’s storyline.

The one thing I like about BL2 is that if you bought a holiday event DLC like the Halloween one, you can play that any time you want. In BL3, they didn’t sell holiday DLC. It’s GaaS bullshit on their servers, so if you want to play the Halloween stuff you need to wait until October.

Plus, BL2 is just plain fun. The humor was outstanding, whereas the humor in BL3 seemed forced.

Plus, the twins are flat out annoying.

Best Borderlands is the newest - Tiny Tinas Wonderland!

Hmm, I was closing in on a decision, but now Steam put Far Cry 6 on sale for 75% off (except the Game of the Year edition with all of the DLC & the expansion, that is “only” 70% off). Worth it?

Oh, played all of it in co-op, had a great time.

Also this thread made me reinstall Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, now that the NFT shit is gone. Having a great time clearing bases as I work through missions.

Just Cause 2 might be GOAT for just open-world explosion sensation spectacular mayhem! Ignore the missions/story. Just blow stuff up.

Man, maybe I just want a new Mercenaries game.

I played both Mercenaries games not too long ago and found them great fun.

Pour one out for Pandemic Studios.