Help me pick the best management/logistics/empire building game thingy that is out now

I have a hard time connecting the depot center too. Watching videos of the process it seems like it is suppose to auto connect but I can never get it to work.

Two issues: One, you have to get the right depth and it’s picky. Two, you have to zoom in and find the little outlet/inlet tube openings on the depot center and the supply place.

I didn’t see “Rise of Industry” here (I believe still in late early access lol)

I wondered how that was. I loved ol Transport Tycoon.

I’ll try and link it.

Yeah I suck at that. You get the idea.

Here is a link to the game and there is a link to the demo on the Rise of Industry product page.

So has anyone tried that one? It looks serious.

Yep its still in ALPHA needs more FUN added to it.

Official thread this way: Rise of Industry

Parkitect is much more of an actual management game and simulation where you really need to… well, manage :D
While Planet Coaster is extremely light on the simulation side. When I played Planet Coaster, it was really just “make things look the way you want to, it’ll work anyway”, which I did not find very motivating.

Don’t forget Parkasaurus!

Has anyone tried Megaquarium?

Wondering that too. It doesn’t look like it would have enough depth.

Yes, me too! The game is extremely unsatisfying in this respect. There’s no reward outside of your CAD design work.

I bought Megaquarium when it came out, and there’s a thread on it… The setting is great, and it is a management game, but I stalled out on the campaign around mission 8 or 9 (of 10). Did not feel it had a lot of challenge once you worked out how the upgrade paths went and with a large crowd of people on screen my computer bogged down pretty hard.

Thanks for that.

I had a feeling that it was less mega of a game.

Exactly how cheeky is it for me to mention Production Line? its kind of like factorio meets big pharma meets a car factory.
Its sort of cheeky because I’m the developer :D but then I’m also the publisher of Big Pharma which got a mention already, so I’m good :D.

Basically Production Line is ‘henry ford simulator’ or ‘car factory tycoon’. Isometric, in Early Access for a year, but very playable, yada yada buy my stuff!

Production line is excellent and coming along nicely! It has a super zen quality to it I love.

Any update on the 1.0 timing@ Really looking forward to trying it when it’s properly out.

Production Line? Definitely Q1 2019. Its basically a matter of opinion these days as to what constitutes a ‘proper’ release. I enjoy working on it, so as long as it sells I’ll likely continue doing updates to it after release anyway.

The one big feature (well big-ish) that is not in, and I wont release without is a system of world events over time which affect production, such as legal requirements for having airbags, or catalytic converters, or global resource issues affecting steel prices, and stuff like fashion skewing away from compact cars to SUVs etc.

That wont take that long to put in though.

SpaceChem too, if I remember correctly.

Of the ones you’ve listed, the two I have most enjoyed are Rimworld and Railroad Empire. They have different foci – Railroad Empire is almost entirely a logistics simulator. There production chains are aren’t all that deep, especially compared to, say, the FIRS mod for OpenTTD, but it’s fun enough. Rimworld is much more of a management game with the focus on optimizing your peoples’ time while avoiding the raiders (and exploding beasts) that come your way. I don’t think you could do wrong with either, it’s just a matter of which itch you want to scratch more.

If you are leaning more towards the Rimworld end of things, I’d like to also suggest Banished. It’s more of a cross between Rimword and a wilderness survival game, and while there’s still a bit of an “indie” feel to the graphics I find it beautiful in its own way. There’s also no opponent except for the world around you, so you can play a bit more peacefully and focus entirely on keeping your people warm, fed, and happy.

The production chains in the stock game are fairly straightforward, but most of the hardcore fans play it with the Colonial Charter mod which adds a fair bit more complexity.

I find it to be very soothing. And if you act soon, it’s 66% off (under $7) on Steam at the moment.

Checked in on Production Line, to see this update from 28 Feb: