Help me procrastinate. Any decent PC demos released lately?

I have played Titan Quest and both demos for Company of Heroes (sp and mp).

I have downloaded the FEAR MP game as well and the Just Cause demo and have played them.

Any other demos worth downloading (I am procrastinating the millions of things I need to do today) that have been released in the past 2 weeks???

I checked bluesnews and didn’t find much… anyone?

The Company of Heroes single player demo was released last week:

dude, as I stated above, I already played it… in fact, I was probably the first guy to download that demo in the Multiverse…

if I wasn’t typing this post right now I would be playing it…


I’d avoid Broken Sword IV :)

The Sword of the Stars demo was released more than two weeks ago, but I’m having a lot of fun with the full game. You might want to check it out if tactical space combat sounds interesting.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, although it won’t let you procrastinate for long.

right… i should have listed that one… it was a tease… can’t even kill the final boss.

I got a good evening of fun from the lego star wars demo last night, and thats without the co-op thing.

I like the ParaWorld demo.

Yeah. I’m looking forward to the game, but the demo is very dull.

so much for playing somenew demos

I am downloading ParaWorld… the damn thing is almost a gig… it should be done by tonight when I go to bed early to get up for work…


What about the Caesar IV demo? Or Maelstrom?

CIV was a fun diversion, made me look forward to the release.

Maelstrom made me sad because I spent 90% of the time looking at loading screens, and when it was done loading, the voice acting and gameplay made me a sad bunny. But you might like it, who knows (it’s a RTS).