Help me put a title to this movie memory

Does anyone remember a movie in which there were people trapped on a large gondola/tram car on a mountain? The car held about 16 people or so and I am pretty sure that it was from around the 70s since it has that Disaster Movie feel to it. I tried a few different searches and such, but I never got close to it.

One of these?

Was that a central plot point? There was a gondola scene in Where Eagles Dare, but the movie wasn’t really about people trapped in a gondola.

Those are the same movie, but I don’t think Don Jonson was in it, although the plot sounds about right.

Central plot was about being trapped in the gondola, but I know it wasn’t Where Eagles Dare.

Thanks for the info, I think I will see if I can track that one down and see if that was it or not.

I remember one where two gondolas ended up trapped side-by-side. The cable eventually snapped on one of them (the one that didn’t have our heroes in naturally) and also some climbing about on the cable shenanigans. But I also distinctly remember seeing more than one movie with very similar scenes. And yes, definitely 70s.

Isn’t that a James Bond movie?

I just did some quick Googling and found this made-for-TV Patty Duke movie from 1979: Hanging By a Thread.

EDIT: Patty Duke, Donna Mills, AND Bert Convy. Wow!

Yeah, there was some cable climbing (and yes, they did that in a JB movie, too) as well as something I just flashed on with somebody working on some cable brakes or something, trying to get the car to start moving. Cool, this is getting closer.

Whatever this movie is, it’s probably the one responsible for giving me the heebie jeebies every time I took a cable car from that point on. Never show disaster movies to young kids!

Unless its the Cassandra Crossing. For reasons that probably freaked out my whole family, I found that movie endlessly funny as a child.

Moonraker, IIRC?


The Spy Who Loved Me, I’m pretty sure.

Yeah, that was great.
Bad guys, a deadly virus and a train wreck all in the same movie.

Nope nope:

Monitoring Drax Air Freight’s planes from a vantage point, Bond runs into Holly yet again, and this time they agree to team up properly. Jaws attack the cable car they ride down on, from whom they escape again, although Drax’s men then capture them in a phoney ambulance. Bond escapes, but Holly is still a prisoner.

I knows me some little-loved Moore Bond.


I must have seen this movie between the ages of four and six, and I haven’t been able to place it since. I probably hadn’t seen it the whole way through, which makes my memories of it that much more scant.

I think it was about some women and their kids playing amateur sleuths to catch a thief. I get the feeling that the women were running a daycare and taking these kids along. It was likely a Disney original produced for The Wonderful World of Disney in the early-mid 80s.

The concrete details:

  1. A somewhat Saul Basseqsue animated title sequence with a mysterious guy in a trenchcoat who resembles the figure in Neighborhood Watch signs who walks in front of the title and steals some of the letters.

  2. A scene where one of the ladies climbs an enormous ladder up a steeple, I believe to save someone from falling, while her friends on the ground scream and holler.

  3. A scene where the ladies stakeout a suspect with their children in tow. He drives off and they try to tail him.

PS: In the course of writing this I began recalling other movies I had seen around the same time that I don’t remember the names of, and two whose titles I do remember: Double Agent and Mr. Boogedy.

There was an action/hostage scene involving the Roosevelt Island Tram in the Stallone “classic” Nighthawks, but obviously there was no mountain involved in that one.

My guess is Tightrope to Terror
There’s a clip on YouTube, the culprit is a low-flying jet.

Well, if we’re gonna answer 11 year old questions, Jeff’s movie sounds like the North Avenue Irregulars

I came here looking for the same thing. It seems that after 12 years there still isn’t a correct answer to this question. I remember that movie when I was a young kid and I was trying to figure out the name. I remember the guy going to the top and banging the wheels with something to get the thing to move along the cable. Skyway to Death? That might be it.

Hanging by a thread. My sister’s favourite cable car disaster film from the 1970s!