Help me remember the name of this game!

I’m submitting to the wisdom of the crowd: anyone know what game this is? Thanks!


Context? You want the game on the TV right?

Seems something in the vein of Zelda, but not Zelda. It is definitely NES, or at least played on a TV with a NES next to it.

It is either an RPG or Zelda type game though, I feel fairly confident on.

Maybe…The Battle of Olympus

The way of filling up two thirds of the screen on the pause with collectibles really remind me of a game, an action one, side scrolling I’d say, but the name doesn’t come up yet.

Is that the Zelda inventory screen?

I wanted to say maybe Kid Icarus, but it’s not that.

@BlairFraser, I’m fascinated to know why answering this is important to you!

Battle of Olympus, I’d say too.

I can see the three “pieces of love” the fairies give you at the bottom. I can see the Ocarina and the eye of the three witches…

EDIT: There, proof!

Wasn’t Battle of Olympus made as like a mod of Zelda 2? I swear there’s a bunch of very similar sprites and buildings. It’s like 10x better than Zelda 2, though.

I’ve still never beaten that game. Quarantine goals!

@Knightsaber @Woodlance that’s it! thanks so much!

@Nightgaunt It’s important to me because the picture is actually a crop of a picture of me and two of my siblings played this game. It was taken by a family friend decades ago and she recently sent it to us. I thought I’d seen every family photo from that era so it was quite a surprise.

Good call, @knightsaber!

BlairFraser–I love it! Now I’m imagining the weird adapters you needed to hook an NES up to that TV!

All I did was Google ‘NES inventory screens’.

No prob. I remember the game fairly well.

What’s weird is that you guys seem to have gotten most of the items, but none of the weapons (top row), unless you just can’t see it in the photo. You’re still missing Artemis’, uh, eye (?) and that was a pain in the ass to get.

Man, the game was hard in general. Losing half your money (olives) upon dying is the cherry on top. And Hephaistos selling his damn gift to you while living in a death trap atop the mountains.

I think waaay back when I made it to getting 100% of the items, but beating Hades in Tartarus was just way too hard. I think I did with Game Genie… cheating, 1990-style! Yay!

I think they have weapons. The photo is taken while the top portion of the TV is refreshing. Also, @Nightgaunt, there were no weird adapters required. If they didn’t just plug in via coaxial connection, there would’ve been a coax to “feet” adapter to connect to two screws on the back. No big deal. We all did that with Atari and Odyssey systems before NES came along.

I remember my Sega Genesis had a single adapter that had the female coax plug and two screw post ‘antennas’ sticking out the top.

Yeah, it was much less common to get the female coax/antennas adapter by the time of Sega Genesis as most TVs by then had coax inputs. but it was still a thing.

I remember them well, and let’s just say that my kids would look at them in bewilderment!


It’s a CRT, what’s actually happening is that the bottom half is refreshing and the top half has already faded out waiting for the next refresh.

Uh, that’s what I said. I didn’t get technical. Sheesh!

LOL, that is a blast from the past too!

I want to reinstall it but going through my Steam library I’m not recognizing the title.

It was from Slitherine, and one of the developers of the Aggressors Rome/Greece series. It was more grand strategy, and the core mechanic had to do with accumulating fame while reducing corruption. Tom was a fan, as I recall.

Help me, Qt3 Kenobi. You’re my only hope.