Help me remember this game

It was an early 90s (1992?) PC adventure/RPG game in which you were a cyberpunk vampire. You’d roam around recruiting party members, trying to break into places, and above all figuring out how to reverse your vampirism.

The game had a time limit, after which you became a Bad Vampire ™.
I seem to remember it being called “Blood”, but Google tells me that Blood was a late 90s shooter.

Anyone ever play this? I want to figure out how it ended, if nothing else.


I vaguely recall a game called Legacy of Kain (sp?) that might be what you’re talking about. Could be wrong - I never played it but it’s coming to mind.

I had this one, it’s “Yo Noid!”

Ah ha, it was Bloodnet.

What you talking about is Blood Omen : Legacy of Kain which i thought was an awesome game unlike those arcade thingies they turned the series into (Soul reaver)

Blood Omen was totally awesome, I will give you that. It also resolved the storyline, unlike the later titles which cost fifty dollars and ended with duhn duh daaaahh! …To be Continued.

Bloodnet ruled.

Bloodnet is one of the most unique adventure games I’ve played. Another game
crying out for a sequel/remake. One of Microprose’s last great releases, I think.

Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver were both great. It was the sequel
and prequel that tainted the franchise. Shitty console ports with crappy camera
angles and no control over it completely ruined any precision. Soul Reaver
was perfectly fine, and had fairly original game mechanics.

BO:LoK was the Zelda if vampire games :)

Blood Omen creators are currently making a 360 game called Too Human. I actually went for an interview with them recently, didn’t land the job though.

Just today I had to think about Bloodnet too. It’s a sad fact that I remember unimportant NPCs from Bloodnet more than most main characters of games since. The crossword guy, the “Sid” who spoke only in quotes… ah, good times.

Hey man, the Soul Reaver series was an epic triology, with everything resolved in the final chapter!

Along the lines of “help me remember”…

What was the name of the futuristic racing arcade game where you sat on a motorcycle-like seat and raced on tracks through space. I remember at one point the track went straight up 90 degrees which was cool and you could see the cycles ahead of you shooting up the vertical track. Time frame would be late 80’s / early 90’s and the graphics were very impressive for the time. Maybe developed by Atari?

Stun Runner

Sounds like S.T.U.N. Runner to me. Though there was another one that I don’t recall quite so much. Was it polygon graphics?

60 seconds. I love this forum. Off to look at screenshots of Stun Runner.

EDIT: Hmmm. I don’t think that was it. I loved Stun Runner but the one I’m thinking of was more on futurist motorcycles maybe? I definately remember the track shooting straight up into the sky.

The Soul Reaver games (and I include Legacy of Kain: Defiance here) were fanfuckingtastic and even better than the original Blood Omen, though that was also a great game. They were, of course, better than Blood Omen 2 as well, which was just a rebranded Chakan The Foreverman 3D port to the Kain world and was just generally pretty sucky both as a game and as a Legacy of Kain game.

Found it. Star Rider by Williams. Older than I thought and laserdisk. I never realized it was a kin to Dragon’s Lair.

Sit-down cabinet -

Damn, never played that one before.

Looks pretty badass. Especially for 1984.

That’s the other one I couldn’t remember the name of. I remember playing it though. Vaguely.

(Guess the polygon graphics question wasn’t so helpful though. I just remembered the video riders from Star Rider, didn’t remember the scenery. It’s amusing that the scenery was all, apparently, pre-rendered polygonal graphics. Oh computer graphics, how you’ve changed!)