Help me remember this sci-fi/horror movie

Not much to go on here, but there was some sort of illness being spread, and those infected would purposely throw up on others to infect them. It wasn’t a byproduct of the illness, it was intended to spread the disease. Seems like it was recent, ie 10 years or so.

28 Days Later?

Ah, yes. That one movie where the stuff happened and it had those characters that said some things. I loved that movie!

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness features zombies projectile vomiting onto people. Only they weren’t spreading illness, they were spreading Satan. Also, Alice Cooper commanded an army of zombie bums. Good movie.

yes, that movie really creeped me out. that’s not it, though. I guess I will have to watch 28 Days Later again, as Chris answered that, too. I don’t think that’s it, but I guess my swiss cheese brain maybe confusing things for me.

Do you have any more details at all?

no, not really. my brain is a maze of useless info. as more info would be useful, i have no access to it. truth be told, i am writing a story that i wanted to involve that element in, and remembered it being in a movie i saw. i want to find out what it was, as that might make me not want to include it.

Didn’t the virus in Resident Evil spread that way too?

The transfer mechanism is 28 Days Later is blood, not vomit.

What you describe brings to mind an early Cronenberg, but I only vaguely remember them and they all tend to blur into one. The one that’s coming to mind is set in an apartment building on an island, but I don’t recall the name, and it’s certainly more than ten years old.

Shivers? I don’t remember any vomiting there, just a horrible slug creature followed by people becoming sex crazed.

On further research and contemplation, you may be putting the story of Rabid into the setting of Shivers. (I haven’t seen Rabid, but the description seems about right.)


Neither of those seem to have anything to do with passing on the infection through vomiting though.

If it wasn’t Night of the Creeps, it should be.

Hah yes that’s it. In my defence, I saw those two back to back while somewhat under the influence, and I’ve never got them entirely straight since. Thanks.

I was rooting for Night of the Lepus.

I actually have that on video somewhere. Notable only for my grandmother believing it was a true story!

Have we figured out Lupid’s film yet?

sex crazed?
made me think of this one:

Meg Tilly bent over a police car getting…I’ll be right back…

Night of the Creeps got me thinking: maybe it was that remake that came out recently called SLITHER. I am 75% certain that is it. I will have to rent and watch again, I guess.

Slither isn’t a remake of Night Of The Creeps (although it does crib a few ideas) and the zombies are actually parasitic hosts for a weird larval hive-mind creature thing. (As an aside: Slither is such a great movie. Great cast, lots of old-school goopy latex FX, and a great sense of humour. It pains me that this movie didn’t do better in the theatres.)

The zombies in Slither vomit to do damage not infect. The infection is done in two ways, the worms which make zombie drones, or the tentacles of the main alien which makes impregnated hosts who cant stop eating.

I HAVE THE SAME MEMORY OF THIS MYSTERY MOVIE. Since I was 8 years old I can remember being in the living room while my parents were watching a disturbing movie about creatures vomiting into buckets in factories to transfer disease to people. I don’t remember much, they might have been vampires?? But I think the idea is that the vomit or whatever would be marketed and sold to humans who would drink it and become infected. I’m thinking the movie must have come out in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. And NO IM NOT PULLING THIS CONCEPT OUT OF MY ASS, I remember this very distinctly but can’t remember what movie it is.

Sounds like The Stuff:

With Nicole Kidman !!!