Help Me Trick My Wife Into Liking Babylon 5

He’s also the one-armed man in The Fugitive movie.

I’d suggest having her read the episode overviews for season one on the Lurker’s Guide linked above in an earlier post. That is what drew me in, I watched the pilot and wasn’t impressed. I gave it another shot after the season started and the episode I happened to catch was TKO. Ughh. Anyway, I got bored at work and kept hearing good things about the show so I read threw the overviews and got a feel for the scope of the story and grew intrigued enough to start watching at the start of season 2. After that, I was hooked.

Ok, I’ll bite.

Please explain your exquisite joke to me.

Your quote he posted said Lando instead of Londo…

Season one isn’t that bad on first viewings but it does have a few episodes that could be skipped read the lurkers guide overview and view the P5 score. However i suggest battling it out its worth it imo.

Oh, heh.

Ok you remember that Dilbert cartoon where he has to give a proposal to the pointy-headed boss? He gives him the choice he wants, and a more expensive, less efficient choice, hence tricking said pointy-eared boss into watching Babylon 5.

So you give her option of watching Babylon 5, or hmm what would be even geekier.


You’re positing a universe by which I control my own television set and, therefore, what gets watched on it. Based on this, I’m going to assume you are single.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!



Hey, the first season or two of that wasn’t bad.


Star Trek: TNG’s first season was six years before the premiere of Babylon 5.

I love Bab5, but the effects are awful. The best they could do at the time on that budget, yes, but still awful.

Oh dam, I was sure TNG came out in 1997. You’re totally right, sorry.

The effects got noticeably better as the seasons progress, though by then you probably get used to them. They did have some nice background space vistas provided by the Hubble telescope that added something to the show.

Did she make it through all of the first episode? If so maybe show her the Long Twilight Struggle from the end of season 2, it dovetails quite nicely with that episode and while some of the impact won’t be the same seeing how things got to that point it might be worth a shot.

The last 4 episodes of season 2 were really where the story began to kick into high gear, particularly the big reveal about the nature of one of the ambassadors in the last episode.

I thought they got considerably better by the time they hit the third season. Then it dropped a bit in the fourth when they switched VFX companies but it started improving again toward the end.

And the head Mafia guy in Next of Kin. </swayze!>

I believe he died. He was fantastic as J’Kar IMO.

I got my co-workers hooked on the show by showing episodes during lunch. The first time I tried, it nearly came to physical violence, but once I stopped trying to show anything from Season 1, they loved it.


My wife and I watched through all five seasons of Babylon 5 from late last year to early this year, for the first time for both of us. This was after we watched the 3rd season of BSG and were looking around for something else.

The first few episodes were the hardest. The special effects were terrible and nearly painful after BSG and the acting was indeed wooden. The plotting for each episode was also very old-fashioned, very 80s, as my wife put it. However, once the main plot started up and we felt more emotional investment in the characters, we couldn’t get enough of it. The first half of Season 5 was another low point for me personally, but my wife liked it because it gave a chance for some minor characters to shine.

As mentioned special effects did get noticeably better, but so did the acting I thought. I think Bruce Boxleitner is a far better actor than Michael O’ Hare and I almost felt embarrassed for the latter when I saw that episode with both of them in it. The Londo / G’Kar arc is really as fantastic as everyone says and both actors are awesome.

My favourite episodes overall were the ones that let you see the universe from the perspectives of those not directly involved in the main action. Like the one about the two maintenance guys and the news reports. More shows should do stuff like that. By the end of the experience, my wife solidly agreed that B5 is much better than BSG.

The timing of this thread amuses me. I just started watching Season 1, also to fill the BSG void, and it’s taking a great deal of determination to get through it. You guys have given me the confidence to tough it out, though. But if it doesn’t get better, I’ll be back to take my revenge.

Oh god, that episode made me want to claw my eyes out. The idea was good, but the ham-fisted execution murdered it. Of course, it was doomed since it was part of the awful rebel telepaths arc.