Help my Dad Thank Some Random Dutch Guy

Hey, i was reading this story, because i saw my father’s name in it!
I don’t know if you still wanna contact him? It’s is more than 4 years ago.
I can tell you that he really works at the railroad end it is not strange for him to find wallets nearby the railroad.
He is not really active in the digital world, but i will ask him to read this story!

Man, I thought I had updated this story, but I guess not.

The issue wasn’t getting a hold of this fellow (the return address was on the original package), but figuring out how to best send a “thank you” without coming across as (a) too cheap or (b) arrogant Americans.

I honestly forgot what my parents eventually sent. I’ll ask them the next time we chat.

The day of our first date, my girlfriend had her wallet stolen. A couple of days later, her wallet with ID was left downstairs in her apartment building on top of her mailbox.

However she had just moved to the city from out of state a couple of months beforehand and her ID didn’t have her current address on it.

I suspected it was her downstairs neighbors who did the thieving (they were a little skeevy and gave the appearance of being dealers of some kind, with strangers coming in and out at all hours of the day), but knowing her as well as I do now it’s just as likely she dropped it in the lobby and someone decided to return it, after relieving her of the (thankfully small amount of) cash inside.

What kind of man goes five months without speaking to his parents?! :P