Help naming an indie game? You had to balance battle between two sides?

I remember playing an indie title a long while back where you had two (possibly pixel) armies, red and blue, set in future, and you controlled both of them, knocking out different troops, and they would join in the battle against each other automatically.

The hook to the game was that the main objective was to prolong war, and to not let either side win!

I’ve done some searching but have come up with nothing, I’ve even sifted through 9 years worth of my GMAIL to see if I evangelised about it but sadly I haven’t been able to find it…

Anyone remember anything remotely similar to this?

Darwinia or Multiwinia, or older than that?

I’m not sure whether it is older than those two, but it is certainly more obscure.

I have a vague recollection of seeing it on Bytejacker, or some such indie review site, but Ive trawled through as much as I can bear over at

I played it, I can hazily visualise what was going on, little blue tanks and men, spawn from buildings you put down, and then you place some red buildings and little red men and tanks go at each other. It was 2d and retro-style (although possibly not 8-bit). The background was black I think. Oh it’s so annoying.

I’m hoping it wasn’t on Kongregate or Armour games or some such web based gaming site, because trawling through those sites is a bridge too far! :)

Fail Deadly?

The recent fantasy TBS Skyward Collapse went with the same concept.

Ahhhhh I’ve found it!!!

It’s called FAIL-DEADLY

And the armies were Orange and Green!!!

The chaotic balancing act that you need to manage in real time, really was the same feeling I had playing Arcen’s new game Skyward Collapse (only its turn based, and fantasy units).

Thanks for that Nezz, I just stumbled upon it frantically searching. It was Skyward Collapse that prompted this quest back into my esoteric indie gaming past :)

Thanks for the link. I think this is a much better exploration of the concept than Skyward Collapse.

Just played it again to refresh my memory, I’d forgotten that the unit deployment is rolled out in timed turns. It makes the decisions on what to place where even more frantic really. Every 5 seconds you have to make a decision, either way.

Skyward Collapse has taken a more relaxed turn based approach, whereby each side has a number of actions per turn, and they’re strictly kept apart - however you can choose to do nothing per turn for one side and bank your actions for an almighty session of land crafting, city building, or mythology summoning. I think the mixture of city building and expansion does cloud the purity (or clarity) of the balancing act, however with the ability to engineer your environment, and then surrender your built up cities for points, theres a lot more going on in setting up the conditions for combat, as well as the actual composition of the armies bashing together. I guess.