Help! Need a new phone!


My Nexus 5 is in bad shape.
It is heavily damaged due to gravity.
I have already had to replace the charge port DIY FTW.
Now it has long since become very slow and frequently goes on the fritz requiring a hard reboot

At a casual glace, new phones are way too cool for me. What I want is simple but has been deemed out of fashion for some reason. Just an android phone with 2 requirements:

-audio jack
-uses micro USB

Any recommendations?


How about this?


The Moto G6 Play (but not the other models of G6) has a micro USB charging port and a headphone jack. Nothing else comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, just that I’m not well-read on current Android phones.


If you’re looking for an Android phone, check out the Android thread.


The Galaxy S7 has micro USB and a headphone jack.


S7 doesn’t even have a current OS does it?


If you’re looking for a cheap phone with a big battery (my two most important criteria), I feel ASUS is often overlooked, as they continue to make all day phones with micro USB ports.

The review is less than glowing, but the price may be right…$170 for a refurb on Amazon, and the phone just got an update to Android 8.1. It’s most likely the last official update, though.


ASUS ZenFones come with a fair amount of bloat still. I second the recommendation of one of the Motos with an earphone jack still.


Budget and carrier?


Recommendation here would be: skip micro USB and use the opportunity to move to USB-C. If needed, pick up a pack of these to cover your existing charge cables:

Or just buy new cables. If you want to stick to Android, go for the one-gen old to save some cash. I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy 8. It does have a headphone jack (on the bottom.)


Yes, it runs Oreo.


Android 9 would be current.