Help needed: Latest Xbox 360 system update kills HDMI video?

Has this happened to anyone else? My almost 10 year old nephew is over today and he wanted to check out one of the Forza games. When we tried to play it, the machine said it needed a system update, so I said fine, and it appeared to download it and restart the console but no video ever came up.

I tried turning the tv off, the console off, disconnecting and reconnecting cables etc. They’re HDMI 1.4 cables from well after the console came out, and they were working out before the update so I can’t figure out what gives or how to fix it. Any ideas?

Haven’t turned on my 360 in a while - I’ll give it a shot when I get home this afternoon and see what happens.

Thanks, I got it working with Analog Component Video input (it’s an October 2007 vintage Falcon motherboard model) and plain ol’ stereo sound for now, but that kinda bites in comparison. Needless to say, not being quite 10 he didn’t do very well in Forza 3 (the latest one I have) so he’s playing Burnout Paradise for now.

So I fired up the 360 and I guess I’m current, wasn’t prompted for an update, but also no problem with my HDMI connection either. Main thing I noticed was how slow the 360 dashboard seems. Man, was it always this bad?

In my case it didn’t prompt me for a system update till I tried to load a game.

My two systems updated the last time I switched them on and tried playing games on them. I think that was 2 weeks ago? Both worked fine.

Hmm, I did notice that I got re-prompted for the system update after I got the analog video working. Maybe it didn’t complete the first time.

No, no it wasn’t.

I miss blades.

Did you try resetting your HDMI settings (resolution, color space, etc)? No issues with my 360s at home or work after the most recent updates, and I’m sure if an update broke HDMI it’d be updated again super-quick!

I’ve seen HDMI ports outright break on 360s all of a sudden too. We have one that did just that out of the blue. It may not be a software issue after all.

If those settings are accessible/alterable while connected to analog video, I’ll try that. But first, since I KNOW the update is now properly installed, I can just see if the HDMI connection works again.