Help needed sharing media w/ 360 from WinXP SP 2

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Supposedly now that I have Windows Media Player 11 installed, I should be able to go under the Library Tab, check the “share media” box, and then my computer should be able to “see” the Xbox 360 on the network and share with it. Instead, when I check the “share media” box and hit the OK button, it just sits there a while and then just comes back to the same box-- it doesn’t give me the option of “sharing media to…” anything in particular.

Meanwhile the Xbox 360 is telling me I need to input some number in the media player during installation, but I can’t see where that would be, since I had already installed WMP 11.

BTW, how do I check whether certain UDP ports and TCP ports are open, anyway (the troubleshooting says something about that).

Any help would be appreciated GREATLY. Thanks in advance,

José aka Papageno

Sharing through WMP != Sharing through MCE

it will just show up as a source when you select music.

Yeah, I ended up figuring it out. First I needed to re-enable Universal Plug and Play, then from the Xbox media menu, select video, then “change source” to select my computer’s shared video.

Thanks for the reply.