Help needed with black Friday decision regarding new keyboard vs mouse

I’m in need of new gaming keyboard and mouse and I have learned from multiple sources that great mouse is better then great keyboard and this month I can afford to spend approx 100 dollars on things this month and I had my heart set on Razer Naga which costs approx 100 dollars here in Sweden but I saw today that one company sells Logitech G19 keyboard for 115 dollars today(53% discount) and maybe I should buy the keyboard this month and buy the mouse as Christmas present to myself instead, will not really use it before SW:TOR releases.

If I were going to spend that much money on a keyboard, I’d get a mechanical. Well, if I didn’t already have one. The Logitech will have the key action of a $20 rubber dome keyboard plus a bunch of chintzy superfluous features that you don’t really need. Skip the lights and the extra buttons and the tiny LCD screen that won’t be supported by most games, and get a simple, well made mechanical with good key action. It will be a much better gaming keyboard. Also a much better typing keyboard.

Yeah, you need a mechanical keyboard, dude. Otherwise you might as well stick with whatever keyboard you got for free with your computer/found on the street. So I guess the answer to your simple, either/or question is… neither?

(or the fancy mouse)

I’d say the value of a mechanical keyboard depends on what you’re using the keyboard for. If you do a lot of typing, the mechanical should improve speed and accuracy after you get used to it. Highly recommended in that case.

If you’re primarily gaming on your PC, I don’t see much of a benefit aside from a somewhat longer effective life. Membrane keyboards should be fine for that, and those features can be useful depending on the game. Two gazillion extra function keys? Eh. LCD that you have to take your eyes off the action for? Meh. Still, they can be handy (… I say while typing on my G15).

Seriously, if I were getting a keyboard in anticipation of SW:TOR, then I’d get the official OLED one - (which will become available upon release of the game for around $200).