Help setting up a Raid

after testing my system. I now want to delete windows and setup a raid. Although I can’t seem to get into the raid config. I have enabled both drives, and the nvidia raid function but no luck

Make sure the RAID option is enabled in your bios/cmos. When your machine reboots, you usually will see an option to enter a RAID config (Typically by hitting CTRL-A) this will allow you to setup the RAID.

Most of the time, Windows requires drivers to see the RAID, or to see it properly. Although not always. You’ll have to check for your particular motherboard design.


i got that far. on mine it states F4. I can’t seem to access the raid menu. Also do I want 64 Silcon Raid or 32 NForce raid?

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You want Nforce RAID, which is native PCIe.

Also, you’ll need a floppy, once you have the RAID BIOS set up. If no floppy came with your motherboard, the driver CD probably has them, or a utility to create a floppy with the drivers.

Make sure to press F6 when Windows setup starts. (You’ll see the prompt at the bottom of the screen as setup loads).

I had to set the drives in the raid to “raid” (I can’t remember the option exactly) in the bios before they’d show up properly in the raid config. (This was nforce3, tho…)

well it turns out I have to be in sata plug 1 and 2 which I didn’t know. I got it to raid, but now when I try to install windows I get this error " INF file txtsetup is corrupt or missing 4096"