Help tethering Android tablet to phone

I finally got around to rooting my phone, because I wanted to be able to tether my Asus Transformer, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

The app that I tried was Barnacle Wifi Tether. It creates an ad-hoc network. I used my laptop to verify the connection, but was not able to get the tablet to connect. Some googling is telling me that Android does not support connecting to ad-hoc networks. Is that correct? Is there a reason for it?

PdaNet offers Bluetooth tethering, but it looks like a pain in the ass to use.

Do I have any better options here? Is there a wireless tethering app that will make this work (easily)?


What phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy S. It’s the Fascinate, if that matters.

I tether my xoom (and my laptop, for what it’s worth) to my phone via bluetooth.

You don’t need to use any additional app for this, at least not on my Droid X. I just turn on bluetooth, pair the xoom to the phone, and then it gets internet access. It’s quite easy.

I’d recommend that approach if it works, since it doesn’t require rooting or anything.

A custom ROM will give you wired and wireless tethering options, if you’re willing to take a few more steps. I’m not very familiar with custom ROMs for the Fascinate, but Cyanogen is out there and stable.

EDIT: The reason I mention Cyanogenmod is because I think it’s wireless tether isn’t ad-hoc.

Unfortunately, Cyanogenmod doesn’t support my phone.

Fortunately, I managed to figure* it out. Android-wiki-tether supports infrastructure hotspot. It wasn’t clear whether it would work on my phone, but I tried it, and it did.

*In the sense that I just tried stuff until something worked…

Does the bluetooth tethering not work on that phone?

Like I said, it just seems easier than bothering to use some other app.

No, not officially, but I tried a recent nightly build on my Captivate and it’s getting pretty good.

Timex, I tried it. It didn’t seem to work. Are you sure there isn’t something else that you did?

Bluto, I might give a try at some point. Now that I’ve finally gotten froyo ( fuck you, samsung/verizon) I’m actually quite happy with stock.

Were you able to pair the table to your phone at all?

Microsoft’s Giant Table Computer!

Yes, they paired. It didn’t seem to do anything, though. Based on the description of the pdanet (tablet) app, it sounds like you normally need to do something to route traffic through bluetooth. But I’m definitely not familiar enough with it to know for sure. Maybe it is something special about your devices that allows them to do it natively?

In any event, android-tether seems to work quite well, so I’m not too worried about it.

It seems odd that they would pair, but then not give you internet access.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what is preventing it. The os implementation may just not enable it through the bluetooth hardware, I guess.

But if you got something working, then that’s good enough.


Planning to get a Galaxy S II (Sprint contract) and root it.

Would I be able to tether my own mobile devices to the Galaxy S II one at a time, via USB/Bluetooth, without having to pay Sprint extra? I’m a little confused about Sprint’s advertised “Mobile Hotspot 5GB for $29.99/mo” and want to believe that’s for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot for a bunch of devices, which is more than an individual like me would need.