Help! The gods of music hate me!


Well this is odd.

Earlier this week, I downloaded some programs to rip MP3s for a friend of mine to share the musical love, and then I noticed as I was doing it that the CD was playing with some weird distortion in Winamp. I just chucked it up to the process of converting the MP3s. Afterward, I uninstalled the programs, making sure to get rid of all the files they had installed in each area, as always. I’m sure I didn’t make any mistakes, because I’ve looked to compare it and my system is back to the way it always was.

Except the distortion continues. On any CD, with any player I try. MP3s and midis still sound fine, but just my CDs are coming all odd with a odd “guku guku” sound that sounds like a mini-helicopter blade spinning as the songs play. As you can guess, its really annoying. My CDs work fine in any other player that’s not my computer, so they’re not damaged. I’ve checked every configuration I could find and it says nothing is out of the ordinary.

Anyone have an idea of what might have happened and what I can do? I have a totally normal sound hardware, nothing that didn’t come out of the box (CrystalFusionFM blah blah whatever) and the normal things for games. (Game audio still work fine.)

I wonder if I’ll get my computer CD player back to normal… :(


Inside your machine is a cable leading from the DVD player to your sound card. Make sure it is seated correctly and not tangled up in any power cords.

Industry Dwarf
PS Or maybe the RIAA have h4x0r3d you :wink:

I think most all CD rippers read right off the IDE interface and the audio cable is irrelevant. I also have heard (but haven’t yet done this myself) that normal CD audio playing is now done over the IDE interface too.

I was ripping tracks with a DOS audio grabber and running a convertor manually back in 1997 with my P-120, and I don’t think they’ve regressed.