Help Wanted: Elite Liberal

Where are the Classifieds around here? What’s the price for a six-liner?

Jason McCullough is decent. Tim Elhajj is a distant drive-byer. XPav is ditzy but ok. quatoria is bold but immature and mental hospitals have a bit of interest in him. Midnight Son is the political version of Tyjenks.

Jason McCullough is the Liberal Leader here, and given the options that makes sense, but I’d like an Elite Liberal to join Qt3. The kind of guy to slash the skin off of Morris and Lizard_King. Someone to raise the stakes, to take political debate to the next level.

What’s the precedent for doing this? How shall we recruit a leet lefty?

Best part of this post? Koontz attempting to evaulate someone elses mental stability. I love you for your lack of irony, big guy.

So you want the rhetorical equivalent of Rush Limbaugh on the left?

I’m not an expert on Rush Limbaugh (I’ve heard about 15 minutes of his show in my life) but I assume what you’re talking about is a position.

You can’t “slash the skin off of” someone with a position. A position does not make someone elite. My idea of elite is someone with great passion and great debate skills who presents killer arguments and destroys opposing arguments.

This sounds pretty impressive, and I recognize that its an ideal and not very realistic, but what is realistic is recruiting someone to Qt3 who at least approaches the ideal.

Right now the methodology is to be a spider. Lure people in with what they’ve heard, or maybe with the Shoot Club writings. The Qt3 populace is accidental with logical consistency rather than controlled.

Recruiting is about going out and getting people who are especially valuable to the Qt3 community.

Oh, so you want press gangs. Gotcha. I’ll wait for a likely looking liberal to step on the trap door, and BAM! We’ll huddle him off to sea.

Meaning, I guess, none of us, although somehow I always get branded a conservative around here so I guess I won’t take offense. Hey, Tim, he called you a drive-byer! Ha ha! I don’t even know if that’s a word!

Koontz, you’ve outdone yourself this time. Take a bow.

Will this guy do?

What does this mean?

Man, I keep trying to discount all the negative commentary about you and give you the benefit of the doubt, but you really are one hell of a loony.

Regarding the specific item quoted, there is no such thing outside of the minds of the already convinced.

What you ask for is theoretically impossible.

The so-called ‘ideology’ of the left is based on the concept of self-sacrifice. In order to be an elite in this philisophical endeavor, one must ingratiate himself with his fellow citizens by putting their needs above his own. Only by denying the concept of self-worth can the liberal achieve his highest honor, and therefore is unable to achieve the status of ‘elite’ by any definition, unless he is demonstrated to be the most in need of assistance by his fellow man. The ideal liberal is the most downtrodden, poorest, hungriest, most immoral, outcast, most oppressed person you can find.

Actually, there may be a few people here I could nominate…

What does this mean?[/quote]

It’s not english, that’s for sure. Perhaps it’s a new language. Koontzian? Koontztalk?

Humility: it’s a moral defect!

On a related note, Atrios asked for donations “if you liked his stuff” to buy him a new laptop, attached to a truly saddening description of his current one.

He goes to dinner, comes back, and someone bought him an entire laptop. So he immediately wonders if it was an accident, and starts talking about donating the spare cash to charities, etc. Somehow I have difficulty imagining Andrew Sullivan taking the same reaction…

Woah, Mulligan, we’re focusing on Koontz right now. One loony per thread, please. You’re diluting the emphasis on his insanity with your own insanity. Keep it outside.

You know, that’s exactly what I thought when I read the thread topic too. Damnit, playing waaaaay too much Halo right now.

Political version of Tyjenks? Splain it to me, I haven’t been heah that long. (It’s prolly an insult, eh?)

He’s basically saying you spam random threads with completely useless nonsense, the way Tyjenks used to post (No offense Ty :P)

What does this mean?[/quote]

He mentioned above that people aren’t actively recruited to qt3, they just sorta happen by. Hence “accidental”.

He also mentioned that a plurality of new people usually happen by after hearing about qt3 from a friend or (this is what did it for me) stumbling across a Shoot Club link. Hence “logical consistency”. This point is obvious speculation, but I find it quite believable.

Controlled recruiting, god only knows. That’s what he was asking you. We could take out banner ads on competing forums. Is there a leftist gamer forum out here that we could cadge members off of?

Morris is a moderate who leans left actually. I’ve seen nothing that makes me think he’s a conservative. Remember, being hawkish about interventionism and war is usually the liberal position. Isolationism is the traditional conservative position throughout history… according to George Will anyway.

Ok, name some moderate positions Dan holds.

Name a conservative postion Dan holds. I haven’t seen anything that says he’s pro-Bush, fiscally conservative, or socially conservative. He’s a hawk, but that doesn’t mean anything. Many liberals are hawks.

Hint: Pro war in Iraq was a moderate position. The New Republic and Slate backed the war, both are left leaning outlets.