Help Wanted: Red Dead Redemption

Title Help Wanted: Red Dead Redemption
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When September 26, 2011

Welcome to the inaugural Help Wanted, a program sponsored by the National Foundation for the Preservation of Old Videogames. Every week, I invite you to join me to play a game that's been out for more than a month (i.e. it's old)..

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"* I promise I won’t be talking like that over voice chat."


I don't want to play now if you won't be talking like that. Not that I could. I'll just go back to MAG, wait I don't have that anymore either. Well I'll find something and you'll regret it.

Hardcore mode or baby/pony mode pardner?

Had to be Wednesday, and not only that this is the first night of my dart league. I loved that game too. Well, now I'll just pout pardner.

Cool Idea! Would like to join you, though being in the Euro Time Zone is troublesome...

Im with Brian. PS3 and im there

I'd say PS3 and I'm there strictly because I've never had enough desire to play multiplayer on my 360 to pay for Live. But then I don't have any multiplayer games for my PS3, so really it would need to be PC.

I know that Wednesday sucks for some people, but I also know that any day will suck for some people. Sorry. :(

Mr. Buffalo, I don't think most of us are ready for the hardcore aiming mode yet, so I expect we'll be saddling up in tenderfoot cowpoke autoaiming mode. Also, stay tuned for a little added incentive, which I'll disclose tomorrow!

Is this Tom wants to play some old games or is it Tom wants to clear up old achievements that he can't get because no one is playing? Because I need to get those achievements, too. Yeehaw! Wednesday, pardner!

Sounds cool, I'll join you! Gamertag is divedivedive.

See ya on Wed. I've been meaning to try out those DLC coop missions for ages now

Ghaa, 360? Come on, PS3!

I'll bring the rootin' but I can't promise any tootin'.

No problem, I can supply the..uh...tootin'.

I'm all in. I'd just started replaying RDR after a 14-month hiatus and am really enjoying the game a lot more than I remember the first time through.

Any time frame on this Tom? PST?

It started some time ago (and has already petered out for some of us).

That was a blast. Thanks, Tom, and thanks to the other guys who's names I should have remembered.

Thanks so much for that guys. Sorry we had to split up into groups of four for the co-op missions. That turned out to kill the momentum for some of you, and it sounds like there were a few connectivity problems. I'm also sorry we didn't get to any of the undead horde mode before I had to leave. But I really enjoyed that, and I'm determined to finish those last two missions in the near future!