Help Wanted: Wipeout HD Fury

Title Help Wanted: Wipeout HD Fury
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When October 3, 2011

Thanks to our continuing grant from the National Foundation for the Preservation of Old Videogames, our "Help Wanted" program is now in its second week..

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Hey I'd love to make it, working that night tho :*(
But please do it again so I can fulfill my compulsive tendencies and mop up the MP trophies I yet lack.

BTW Tom, do you mind Qt3 forum lurkers adding you as a PSN friend?

Not at all, Stewart! Unlike Xbox Live, there's no limit on friends on the PSN. I've been up against the stupid 100 friend limit on Xbox Live for as long as I can remember, but I'll gladly accept all PSN friend requests.

Is that the same game I used to play in the arcade years ago, many years ago?

I have this game! I will make an effort to kick my church community group out of my house in time to play. That is not a lie.

No Lost Planet? :( Sadly I will miss this one given that I made the mistake of getting Dead Nation instead of Wipout...oops.

I played Wipeout HD last week and got elite-gold ratings on all but 2 races in the first two sets of events. I have realized that I actually hate it, and it's awful compared to Wip3out or Pure. The rubber-banding AI makes winning some races down to sheer repetition and luck, and the vehicle physics and shield/boost system are simply uninteresting and disappointing, not to mention the bland music. I wanted to like HD, since I really love the classics, but it just fails badly.

Dammit! Wednesday is my gaming night!

i can use my wired headset to chat .... can anyone help