Help: Where can I buy games online to ship to Australia?

I have a friend who’s birthday is coming up and I was planning on getting him Oblivion for his gift. Unfortunately, he lives in Australia and Amazon doesn’t ship games there for some reason. Are there any other online sites I can purchase and send games to Australia? To complicate things further, I live in the US.

Thanks in advance for any help.

XBOX 360 version, right?

I found them by googling computer games australia :-)

90 AU$ is about 65 US$. (yes, games are expensive in australia)

Here’s another online retailer down under. This is for the PC version:

I found pretty good for shipping games to Australia. Even better, they offer free international shipping (or it’s included in the game prices already) so it’s easy to just look at the prices and work out how much it’s going to cost.

Thanks for the google fu Roger, but I was hoping someone here actually has used an online service with my specific situation in mind. :)

And it was the PC version actually, sorry I forgot to mention it. I will check out the link you provided though.

Thanks again. :)

I’ve used DVD Box Office before, but I live in the US. I can say that I had no problems with them, and international shipping seems to be their thing.

Yeah, To clarify, I live in Australia, and ordered Castlevania DS and the double pack when it was near-impossible to find them locally. Can’t really vouch for the timeliness of their delivery (too many variables in international delivery unless you pay through the nose) but they both got here.

Well, just made the order thru DVD Box Office and it was a rather painfree process. Thanks for the replies guys. :)

Well, you’ve already done it but DVDBoxOffice works fine for Australia.

^I agree with both of those. Gameplay (and other UK places like do an excellent job of shipping games fast for a small fee. The problem is when a game hasn’t been released in the UK and you have to rely on NA…DVDBoxOffice is the only option I know of unless you pay GameStop/EB’s $30 (!!!) freight.