Help: Wife Surprised Me A USB turntable: Need Ideas To Make It Useful

So my wife surprised me on Xmas with a USB turntable. I was expecting an iPod Touch, or Beatles Rockband, or even a Blue Ray player, but instead I got a USB turntable.

Now, I do have some albums that I can record left over from the 80s; and my wife has a bunch of new wave stuff that we’ve never recorded and don’t as .mp3s, but after that it will sit idle.

I don’t want her to think I don’t appreciate it, so here is what I need: some ideas of sounds fx, soundtracks, rock albums, etc. that can be found at a record store (say Amoeba in L.A.) that are not too expensive but have never been put on CD nor cannot be found on iTunes.

I know it is a tall order, but any ideas would be appreciated.

put a cat on it.

Put it on a Roomba and then put a cat on it.

I have one of those ION portable USB turntables. Haven’t really used it much, but it works well, and one of these days I fully intend to converting a whole slab o’ vinyl with it. It’s great for those situations wherein I’d love to listen to an old (say, Kansas or Rainbow) album, but don’t feel like plunking down more than $2.00 or so for it. Or for stuff that’s out-of-print on CD and thus fetches extremely high prices, but can be found for relatively little on LP, as is the case with Lee Michaels’ self-titled album from 1969.

And somewhere around here I have a copy of the 7" platter The Zambonis cut with Harry and the Potters (with art by James Kochalka). I’ve love to get that onto the ol’ iPod.

Oh! Oh. Thanks hon. Erm. Yeah, yeah, I love it…

Yeah. (sigh).

I just realized that I do have my “Billy And The Boingers” flexi-disc that I could record…

Buy another one, along with a USB microphone, and put the needle to the groove.

Start Scratching. DJ Jupiter Jones IN DA HIZOUSE!

Also buy glow sticks and a smoke machine.

Just start buying all your music on vinyl. That’s what I do.

You make me sick, but I love you.