Help with a hanging a picture


My GF got this picture frame I can’t figure out how to hang. It didn’t come with any D-rings. Just the clamps that push down on the cardboard and this weird screw clamp I’ve never seen before. I’ve posted the clamp and the frame.

There was a little baggy that had the two screw clamps and the wire, but it feels like I’m missing something. I tried putting the screw clamp on the sides and try and use the screw to spread it out to try and get a connection, but wasn’t happy with the results.

Any ideas?


Does the wire have any connectors? My first thought is the same as yours, put clamps on sides, connect wire to screw posts


No idea, I’d suggest 1 pound of this:


Nope, just ends of wire.


I think long term putty damages paint. It leaves this greasy-looking residue. Don’t know if it’s all putty.


Did you buy the frame new? No instructions? Is the manufacturer name printed anywhere?

I’m guessing you attach the clamps to the frame somehow, then attach one end of the wire to each clamp. But usually they give you something like this:

Which is not what you have,


Use a level, sink two nails in the wall side by side, rest the lip of the frame on them. Profit!


My GF did, but had put the picture in the frame before she handed it to me with a bag of parts. I haven’t seen a box or label on the frame.

That was my first thought. Unfortunately, the frame doesn’t any bracing so doing that just causes the frame to come apart.

At this point, I am just going to get a different frame.


I think that’s the right call.


It hasn’t been asked, whats the picture of? :)


Some city in Italy, I think.

Maybe I just need to drill holes in the frame :)


I think according to QT3 rules the holes would have to be in the picture itself.


I was going to suggest just using a nailgun to attach it to the wall, one nail in each corner. That’s kinda how my DIY ends up, my lofty intentions usually failing so I end up with the most half-assed solution possible.


I will suggest that while she’s gone, go ahead and hang the picture upside down.
She will be critical of this.
Claim that it’s the only way you could get that damn frame to work.


Reminds me of a story:
When we were young, Dad was an art teacher at the local college. He loved abstract stuff, and about half of his art was abstract, and incomprehensible to us kids.

One night, when he was going to have some people over for wine, my brother and I knew that this always led to him showing everyone around the house on a tour of his paintings.

So my brother and I went into the living room beforehand, turned one of his abstracts upside down, and then also showed up during the art tour, giggling with anticipation, sure he would never notice.

But he did. He got to the painting and began describing it, while his guests stroked their chins and frowned with concentration. “I got the idea for this one at a park one evening, when… hold on a minute. This is upside down.” He righted it, glared at my brother and I, and continued on the tour.

Later, we asked him how he could have possibly known it was upside down, as to us it was just a mess of colors.

He pointed at it. “That’s the sun.”

I frowned and stroked my chin.