Help with boot problem?

WinXP, my GF managed to fill up her c: partition, which locked the computer. She hard-booted, and now it’s throwing the “non-system disk or disk error” message.

I was thinking the MBR had corrupted, but running fixmbr and writing a new one from the install CD didn’t help. My next stab might be running fixpart, or slaving the drive to a different one and reinstalling windows.

Anybody successfully come back from this error before?


Yes, for me it usually means I’ve left a non-bootable floppy disk in the A drive.

Your best bet might be to reinstall/repair the OS. Maybe boot from the install CD and then move some files off of C drive if there is no room. I can’t imagine that is what happend to lock the computer.

As it turns out, something during the lock/reboot cycle managed to misorder the hard drive selection in the CMOS, so that it was trying to boot from her camera. Go figure.


Ha, the 21st century equivlant to the 1990s era floppy in the A drive error. :)