Help with home gaming network setup

Hi all,

So at home I have the following devices hooked up to my internet.

  1. Two PC’s (Mine and fiance’s) hooked up via Linksys wireless cards.
  2. Xbox 360 connected to my Linksys Router with a regular network cable.
  3. PS3 connected to my Linksys Router with a regular network cable.

Basically, the cable box is in the living room with my wireless router, PS3, and 360. The two PC’s are in our office. It is not feasible to run wires to that room so we use wireless.

The setup has been great for most basic things, though it is becoming a pain in the butt for online gaming. I need to keep ports forwarded for the Xbox 360, PS3, and for each of the PCs. My fiance and I both play WoW so only one PC can have the right ports forwarded at any given time.

Is there a better way to approach this setup? I’m thinking a setup that grants each device it’s own IP is best, and my ISP supports multiple IPs (up to 5 I think), though I’m not sure how to get that while also keeping the two PCs connected wirelessly.

I don’t see a problem with your setup, or what exactly you’re trying to do. WoW doesn’t even need port forwarding.

You don’t have your router providing DHCP services for the other stuff? That’s how I have my setup, and there’s no port forwarding necessary, it’s pretty much plug and play.

The router is providing IP addresses for each of the devices.

Warcraft does use firewall ports for some network traffic. It doesn’t fully require it for everything, though I tend to get disconnected in 25 man Naxx runs if the proper ports aren’t forwarded. The issue I have with the current setup is not being able to forward those same ports to the second PC as well. When my fiance and I play together one PC plays fluidly while the other receives lag spikes.

As for the consoles, both the 360 and PS3 do require port forwarding in my current setup. My 360 will show strict or moderate on the Nat settings when checking the network status. With either I usually get disconnects or other lag issues. The PS3 won’t let me join games at all if the proper ports aren’t forwarded.

So in all, the router situation isn’t working well though I need a wireless router to connect the PCs. The Linksys I use only allows me to set about 12 port ranges too so I’m always erasing one batch when I need to add another.

Does it support uPNP? Just use that. Also, if possible, don’t use port forwarding, but port triggering. Forwarding is for static connection to specific computers like if you have an FTP or Web server behind the firewall. I believe port triggering allows traffic through specific ports, but manages the traffic NAT like to the correct devices.