Help with Non-Standard LCD resolution blanking screen

Short n skinny: i installed the new Space Rangers 2 game that has only offers the resolutions of 1024x756 or 800x600. My 19" LCD moniter runs at 1280x1024. I run the game and it warns me “non optimized resolution” with a pop up blurb. I ignore it and hit the auto-adjust button on the moniter chassis. About 30 seconds later the screen goes completely blank except for a “non optimized resolution” pop-up that sort of dances around slowly. None of the buttons on the moniter respond. I alt-tab out to windows and back to the game, and i find myself back at step one.

Anyone have suggestions?

a) run it in a window
b) look on the forums for a way to force the resolution to something your monitor will support

Depending on your video card drivers, you might have an option in there to help out. On my nVidia driver, under “Digital Flat Panel Settings”, you can choose:

  • Display adapter scaling (the video card scales everything to your monitor’s 1280x1024)
  • Centered output (the video card forces black bars surrounding the 1024x768 image the game uses, still sending 1280x1024 to the monitor)
  • Monitor scaling (what you are seeing now)
  • Fixed aspect ratio scaling (not sure, haven’t tried it)
    I’m sure ATI has something similar.