Help With RipOff Contract

So… four years ago, when I bought a house in Texas, it was a requirement of our home insurance that we get an alarm system and monitoring service.

I signed the contract for it in April 2000 - and either I was a damned idiot and didn’t read the contract properly or they changed the terms of service on me when they were taken over by Ranger American.

I sold up and moved in June 2004. I contacted them by phone and sent a letter requesting termination of service.

Imagine my suprise to be receiving aggressive demands for payment from them STILL. Apparently the contract I had with them AUTOMATICALLY renews for a full year if I don’t tell them by April of the following year - making me obliged to pay the full amount for the year even though they can not offer me service. What is more they never send out reminder letters.

Is this legal? Even in Texas? (I now live in California).

Is there a way for me to cause pain for these assholes without too much expense? Or even better, not have to pay the $160+ left on the contract.


I gather Ranger American is an ADT reseller.

Here’s some info:

Charge it to a credit card then dispute the charge as service not received. Those fucking cunts.

Yeah, E5 can help you with that.