Heoes of Might & Magic III HD - The best HoMM coming to PC and Tablets


A new HD experience: re-live the Heroes® III in HD, a true craftsmanship which offers players updated graphics, with wide screen compatibility.

Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes® III gameplay, with 7 exciting campaign scenarios, around 50 skirmish maps, a local multiplayer mode and a map editor.

A new online multiplayer lobby tailored for PC: Now Steamworks compatible, the PC version of Heroes® III offers an online multiplayer lobby, where you can share your experience with the Heroes® III community.

Play Heroes® III on tablets anywhere: Heroes® III now features iOS and Android tablet versions, upgraded with intuitive touch controls to enjoy this passionate game experience anywhere… anytime.

My eyes won’t stop leaking from joy.

My. God. In. Heaven.

I’m so jazzed for this.

There’s already a decent community patch for HoMM III. Combine it with the version at GoG and you’re golden.


The whole “on Android” thing makes me feel all funny inside my pants

I actually really enjoyed HoMM VI, to be fair. I sunk over 150 hours into doing just the first few campaign missions for each faction (to learn them plus they were easy/fun) and then doing a TON of skirmish on the pre-made maps. The AI was solid, for the most part, and didn’t do a lot of cheating and the mechanics were well considered and engaging. HoMM VII could be great, too, but I haven’t looked at it much (yet).

This looks terrific though, and I am very eager to get back to the HoMM roots (III was my favorite for years, and for all I remember, still may well be).


This better be in there, dammit. It’s how I spent much of my HOMM3 time.

Day 1, as long as they get the touch interface right. I’ve tried various Android wrappers for the PC versions of HoMM 2 and 3, and they work but are just a bit too clunky to stick with.

Have they said whether the expansions are included?

I have the GOG “complete” version, and while it’s nice to have all 20 jillion maps and scenarios, the resolution could use some up-rezz. Add Steam achievements and multiplayer as well? SOLD!

Glad you liked it. I was never quite clear on how well that was received.

I was just playing through the Heroes Chronicles bundle and marveling at how “magical” these games were and still are. This is a real treat.

Sheeeet, Gus. The random map generator is awesome. It’s the main reason I insist on it in all TBS games like this.

I love you man. :)

I really can’t see them removing an existing feature like the RMG. That said, HoMM III had a great RMG if memory serves, since it made really nice looking maps on top of making functional, fairly balanced maps.

Yeah, that’s my issue. The HOMM system relies heavily on right clicks, shift clicks, and ctrl clicks. Touch interfaces don’t do so good with that, so essentially they’ll need to rework the UI to add more buttons.

Yeah, that’s my issue. The HOMM system relies heavily on right clicks, shift clicks, and ctrl clicks. Touch interfaces don’t do so good with that, so essentially they’ll need to rework the UI to add more buttons.

upgraded with intuitive touch controls

Hopefully means that actual rework and not just a “shift” key superimposed in one corner.

This was one of my favorite games in my younger days and like others in this thread, devoured way, way too many hours. In no small part due to the RMG, too (obviously been awhile, but as long as the campaigns were, I don’t think they’d have supported all the playtime I poured into this).

… there’s a decent chance I’ll buy the PC version and the tablet version, as long as it’s priced right. And I’ve still got the original CDs to go with my GOG Complete version. Quite possibly my favorite video game ever (no qualifiers). Such nice news on a rainy day!

It’s not really an existing feature if they just ported the base game. The random map generator was part of the Armageddon’s Blade expansion. They should include all the expansions, but who knows? Remember that Ubi acquired the rights with the 3DO bankruptcy auction, and there’s no way to know if the code base was properly saved and transferred.

Yeah, the mention of “seven campaign scenarios” worries me, since I’m pretty sure there were a lot more than that with the expansions included.