Her Master's Voice

This is a documentary on Netflix. I strongly urge you to see it, EVEN THOUGH IT IS ABOUT VENTRILOQUISM.

This British lady has a little monkey puppet and uses it as her inner voice in normal situations, as well as performing, and it is eerie. You will fall in love with her and her monkey very quickly, and then she will break your heart a few times with what the monkey says and asks.

There are of course some horrible bits, it is about ventriloquism after all, but that’s only a few minutes on stage and with others in the field. Mostly its about a conflicted woman with her soul monkey laid bare.

I randomly watched this a few months ago and really enjoyed it. The woman, Nina Conti, is very funny and I would urge you to seek out her great stand up work, which this film drove me to do. She was cast by Christopher Guest in his recent Showtime (HBO?) show that I believe got canned, but I think we’ll see her popping up elsewhere.

I’m glad someone has seen it, I was damned close to bumping the thread (which seems like an assumed no-no on Qt3) just because it’s so good. I’ve actually watched it again already, it’s so damned touching at times.

What made you watch this? I looked at the trailer on YouTube because of this thread and it was terribly dull. I can’t imagine renting it based on that.

It’s extremely intimate. Also funny, but mostly English-clever and charming.

For me, I think that it was the aforementioned Christopher Guest had an endorsement quote for it, so that piqued my interest. Also, I’m genuinely interested in ventriloquism (and magic) as an art. That’s really what appeals to me about the film, because, to me, it’s about an artist trying to find her voice, literally and figuratively. There’s also a little bit of ventriloquism history thrown in and a few wackos.

The Christopher Guest show was Family Tree, by the way - and Nina Conti was its high point (no small thing, considering the quality of the other comic actors in it.)

I tried very hard not to bump this thread, but I have to at least lay out a few phrases just to try to get you to see it.

Bob Hoskins.

Jim Broadbent.

Like a deranged Demiurge.

He was a truffle pig for other people’s talents.

That’s all I’ve got.