Her Story - FMV, police files, and CRT screens


The 7/2 outfit is black, the 6/18 one is a dark blue. I think 7/2 might be Hannah, also, though there’s not much in the way of clips from that to tell. She’s drinking coffee, though, and Eve’s supposedly on water for the baby. And Eve’s definitely covering for Hannah - she does the Glasgow trip as a deliberate alibi, she’s a bad driver who never got an actual license, etc. She reveals what she does on 7/3 because she doesn’t technically exist and didn’t commit the crime in question and Hannah has either flown the coop or died (or, if you think it’s multiple personalities, submerged/ceased to exist). I’m inclined to think flown the coop, myself.

Are you sure they weren’t white and gold?


Jon Blyth does his thing.

Developer Sam Barlow has joined Interlude.

“Interactive video is poised to be a revolutionary medium for exploring these goals. When I saw the work Interlude is doing and the platform they are creating, I felt that we were on the same journey. Our dream is personalized, reactive stories with a heightened emotional impact. I am excited for us to define this medium and create something that is more than games and more than video.”

Well, here is what Sam Barlow has been working on.

Just the worst kind of trailer… I have no idea what this experience will be, except to assume that it will be similar to Her Story in presentation maybe.

The Her Story sequel: