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Very sorry. It wasn’t there. I have added it now.

Played Janissaries Rebel for two points, moved all of my boats two spaces. @CF_Kane

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

That being said, I play Indulgence Vendor for the event. Protestant’s discard a card and add the CP value to St. Peter’s.

You can’t keep your boats in the harbor all the time, they have to go out for exercise. Like big wooden doggies.

@Tom_Mc to discard I imagine

  • Logging begun
  • Protestant discards 1 random card.
    <Tom (Protestant)> - St peters is advanced by 3
  • Papal progress on St Peter’s: 4
  • Papal progress on St Peter’s: 5
  • Papacy St Peter’s VP: 2
  • Papacy score: 18 VP
  • Papal progress on St Peter’s: 1
  • Logfile written.

Wow the Hapsburgs have been rolling hard against the Protestants here ever since that suppressive Spring Deploy. It was worth the 3 CP to support the Papacy entirely rather than bolster their own position? And that’s some serious papal support. St Peters is direct VP for the VP leader. Just wow.

File uploaded and moving on now. to @CraigM I believe.

Playing John Zapolya for 3CP

Colonizing the Americas for 3CP


France plays City State Rebels for 4 CP. 3 CP are used for Montmorency and 3 regulars, 2 mercenaries to march into Nice, then across the pass into Genoa. 1 CP is used to launch an assault on Genoa.

<Panzeh (France)> - 5 dice +1 for Francis I

** France rolls 6 d6: 4,6,5,1,2,5

<Panzeh (France)> - 3 hits.

<Panzeh (France)> - Genoa rolls 3 dice in response.

** France rolls 3 d6: 4,3,6

<Panzeh (France)> - 1 hit.

<Panzeh (France)> - France takes a mercenary as a casualty, Genoa falls to France!

On to @Juan_Raigada

Do you not have to lay siege first?

Francis already did by moving in last impulse. Then, next impulse, Montmorency moved in to join him and assault.

Land units in a fortified space are placed under siege if they withdraw
into fortifications during enemy movement (Section 13.4) or
after a field battle (Section 14.1) and enemy land units in that space
outnumber them.

Ok, eventful turn:

Papacy plays Schmalkaldic League!

  • Papacy and the Protestants are now At War.
  • Hapsburgs and the Protestants are now At War.
  • Papacy plays Schmalkaldic League as an event. (Removed from game)
  • Magdeburg is now under Protestant political control.
  • Lübeck is now under Protestant political control.
  • Leipzig is now under Protestant political control.
  • Brunswick is now under Protestant political control.
  • Erfurt is now under Protestant political control.
  • Hamburg is now under Protestant political control.
  • Bremen is now under Protestant political control.
  • Stettin is now under Protestant political control.
  • Nuremberg is now under Protestant political control.

Papacy uses it’s 2CP to burn books
Commit Cajetan to get 3 spaces, and Tetzel to get 1CP to St Peter’s

First Nuremberg. Protestants get 2 adjacent spaces and one adjacent troop, so 3 dice
Papacy gets 4 adjacent spaces and one adjacent troop, so 5 dice
Papacy rolls first:
** Papacy rolls 5 d6: 5,3,2,3,1
Protestant roll
** Papacy rolls 3 d6: 2,1,4
Nuremberg converts to Catholicism.

Now Cologne
Protestants have a troop there and one adjacent troop and space, so 4 dice
Papacy has 3 adjacent spaces
Papacy rolls
** Papacy rolls 3 d6: 4,2,2
Protestant rolls
** Papacy rolls 4 d6: 6,5,4,6
Protestant wins handily

And for the third roll, Mainz,
Protestant has 2 adjacent troops, 2 adjacent spaces and a troop there, so 6 dice
Papacy has 3 adjacent spaces and a troop, so 4 dice

Papacy rolls
** Papacy rolls 4 d6: 2,6,4,5
Protestant rolls
** Papacy rolls 4 d6: 1,5,3,3
Papacy wins!
Mainz converts to Catholicism.

And this is how Germany looks now.

The Protestants should go ahead and put down the leaders they get from Schmalkadic League

Thanks, forgot that Francis moved in last impulse.

In case @Tom_Mc doesn’t want to look it up, that is John Frederick to Wittenberg and Philip of Hesse to Mainz.

I don’t know if you can commit two debaters in the same impulse. And for something like st peters I think you already have to be spending CP on it already to get the bonus. At least this is how I was looking at the rules when it came to the translations.

The +1CP to St Peters triggers with a burn books action, not with paying CP with St. Peters, so I think this is how you are supposed to use him.

However you might be right only one debater can be committed per burn book action. There’s a rule that says only one debater that applies during reformation or counter reformation attempts per impulse, but I used 2 debaters that apply during burn books action, not during the counter reform attempt per se (contrast the bonuses for these two with the bonus for Contarini, which specifically says counter reformation attempt).

I defer to those more knowledgeable of the game. If we decide only one debater is allowed here, I would uncommit Tetzel and take back the St Peter’s CP.

Also I have a related question. Take Contarini, who gives bonuses for counterreformation attempts. Debaters are only active for one action. Is the action the burn books action (which includes 2 counter reform attempts) or is the action the counter reform attempt itself?

If we are limited to one debater during the attempts, it follows debaters whose action triggers before the attempts are exempt. The effect of extra attempts does not apply during those attempts. Same with the +1CP, which does interact with the burn book action but not the counter reformation attempts themselves. But that’s my reading. I think the rules are unclear.

I believe you can only commit one debater based on this:

Each power that can undertake religious actions (England, Protestant,
and Papacy) may only use one debater’s bonus in a given
impulse that applies during Reformation or Counter Reformation
attempts or biblical translations. Debaters whose bonuses apply
during theological debates always apply their bonus if they enter
a debate uncommitted (i.e. it is not optional). Flipping a debater
to his committed side to fulfill the requirement for playing an
Event card does not count as using a debater bonus in an impulse.
(Example: The Protestant plays the event Katherina Bora which
flips Luther to the committed side. The Protestant may commit
another debater to get bonus dice on the Reformation attempts
generated by this event.)

See above as to my reading.

Is there any BGG thread about this? (looking now)

Edit: seems the consensus in BGG seems to be “only one debater per impulse”. I think this part of the rules is quite a mess (if this was indeed the intent it would have been simpler to say “one debater per impulse except during debates” :) ).

Anyway, the fix is to uncommit Tetzel and take out 1 St Peter’s CP

I also found the answer to this:

Bonus is per action, so it affects all attempts within the action. Same for Protestant debaters and reformation attempts.

I agree it’s not perfectly clear. I can believe it going either way. St Peters might indeed be ok because it is not a Reformation or Counter Reformation attempt or a translation. I did a quick look on BGG, of course there are a zillion threads there but I did see an interpretation along Juan’s lines. So we might be good to keep going as it. I know I was worried about it for mine because I have two that help with translations and the rules are explicit on that point.

I’m doing my turn now but I was going to call you out for shorting me two dice here. However I think that 6 lets you go without rolling for me. Oops not on this Pope it doesn’t. I think I get two more chances here.

Ah, you are right! Silly mistake.

Can you roll two more dice? If you get a six flip it back.

Turn uploaded. I did keep Mainz. There was a debate and two more cities were flipped and mercenaries were added. Back to @Cuthbert. It might start to be getting to the point where we have to be mindful of response cards…