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Turn uploaded. I did keep Mainz. There was a debate and two more cities were flipped and mercenaries were added. Back to @Cuthbert. It might start to be getting to the point where we have to be mindful of response cards…

I played Professional Rowers for 2 CP and declared a piracy attempt in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The Pope has no ships or fortresses in or adjacent to the region, so no response dice.
Pope has one port adjacent, so one piracy die, plus one for Barbarossa.
Rolled 5,3, one hit.
I get +1 VP from Julia Gonzaga for piracy in TYR

Action to @Juan_Raigada to decide if you want me to gain one VP or give me a card. (Can’t destroy a naval unit as you have none)

You get one VP

Okay, @CF_Kane if you could increase my piracy VP on your turn I’d appreciate it.

So I’d like to just clarify a point of order about “table talk”. I have received and subsequently sent a message between players here. I want to make sure we’re ok with back channel communication amongst us and that there is no one blindsided by that or with any other issue. Are we ok with this?

I’m fine with it, given the asynchronous nature of the game, so long as it doesn’t hold up timely plays.

I thought we agreed that, after the Turn 1 enforced limited negotiation period (England with France and Hapsburg only), any communications were fine. If we want to come to a different consensus, I am also fine with that.

That’s what I had recalled but I didn’t see the post to point to.


The Hapsburgs play Treachery for CPs. 2 Mercs built in Besancon. They walk to Strasburg, then Worms to join the Duke of Alva and his 4 Regulars. That full stack marches to Mainz.

@Tom_Mc, any reaction play? Do you want to attempt to avoid battle in Mainz? Barring that, field battle or retreat into the fort?

Retreat into fort.

That ends my turn with no changes to the file. @CraigM is up.

All right, time to see how this shakes out.

I am playing the Six Wives English home card to advance the marriage track.

Which places me on the Ask for Divorce space. Which enjoins me to entreat the Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Servant of the Servants of God to allow me this indulgence.


Give me two cards and it’s yours. We are very progressive Catholics, but we are building St. Peter’s over here and need the money, you see?

Absolute extortion IMO. Don’t give it to him, @CraigM

By granting the divorce I’m freeing a 5CP card for the English next turn. Not granting it makes them lose a card play (and slows his advance), asking for a card is beneficial for him (even if it’s a random 5CP card) since it’s at worst a break even in CP and it accelerates his conversion, and most times the card will be significantly under 5CP. Two cards is about break even and thus the best starting discussion point. Of course we can do one card + some other secondary deal, but that will depend on the specifics at the moment of the deal (average value of cards in hand, etc…).

My understanding is that the deal needs to happen during the diplomatic phase, isn’t it so?

Indeed, see 9.1 in the rules. Henry may negotiate for a divorce during the diplomacy phase, which immediately advances the marker to Anne Boleyn. Henry can then use Six Wives for its CP or to advance to Jane Seymour.

Does that bring us to @Panzeh ’s turn then, or is there something else @CraigM has to do?

Just waitin’ on the log.

West coast time. Couldn’t update until kids were all ready for school.

@Panzeh uploaded

France plays Patron of the Arts as an event.

<Panzeh (France)> - Roll is +2 for Milan, +1 for Florence, +2 for 3 Italian keys

** France rolls 1 d6: 2

<Panzeh (France)> - 2+5=7

<Panzeh (France)> - France gains a VP, draws a card.

Francis I is not happy with the caliber of art he is getting from the Genoese, but will accept it anyway. On to the Papacy. @Juan_Raigada