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Retreat into fort.

That ends my turn with no changes to the file. @CraigM is up.

All right, time to see how this shakes out.

I am playing the Six Wives English home card to advance the marriage track.

Which places me on the Ask for Divorce space. Which enjoins me to entreat the Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Servant of the Servants of God to allow me this indulgence.


Give me two cards and it’s yours. We are very progressive Catholics, but we are building St. Peter’s over here and need the money, you see?

Absolute extortion IMO. Don’t give it to him, @CraigM

By granting the divorce I’m freeing a 5CP card for the English next turn. Not granting it makes them lose a card play (and slows his advance), asking for a card is beneficial for him (even if it’s a random 5CP card) since it’s at worst a break even in CP and it accelerates his conversion, and most times the card will be significantly under 5CP. Two cards is about break even and thus the best starting discussion point. Of course we can do one card + some other secondary deal, but that will depend on the specifics at the moment of the deal (average value of cards in hand, etc…).

My understanding is that the deal needs to happen during the diplomatic phase, isn’t it so?

Indeed, see 9.1 in the rules. Henry may negotiate for a divorce during the diplomacy phase, which immediately advances the marker to Anne Boleyn. Henry can then use Six Wives for its CP or to advance to Jane Seymour.

Does that bring us to @Panzeh ’s turn then, or is there something else @CraigM has to do?

Just waitin’ on the log.

West coast time. Couldn’t update until kids were all ready for school.

@Panzeh uploaded

France plays Patron of the Arts as an event.

<Panzeh (France)> - Roll is +2 for Milan, +1 for Florence, +2 for 3 Italian keys

** France rolls 1 d6: 2

<Panzeh (France)> - 2+5=7

<Panzeh (France)> - France gains a VP, draws a card.

Francis I is not happy with the caliber of art he is getting from the Genoese, but will accept it anyway. On to the Papacy. @Juan_Raigada

One thing I am not clear on what debaters can do is activate if they are the only source of contribution. Meaning if you do not spend and other cp on translating/st peters can you apply this ‘bonus’. I think the answer is you can not. There has to be an action for the bonus to apply to.

The debaters do say what action they activate with. Normally the effect is to that action, but some have effects outside of the action, for example my debater that gives +1CP to St Peter’s with the burn books action (I think it’s rare to have a bonus detached from the activation action, but I’m not in front of my computer to check). Other debaters are like +1CP to St Peter’s or +1CP to translations, without further specifying a different action, and those imply the action they give bonus to is the action they activate with.

What you can’t do, I think, is commit a debater without executing the action it ties to.

Perfect, I think were on the exact same page here I didn’t recheck the counter. That makes it really clear.

Ok, this was quite bad:

Papacy plays Papal Bull for 4 CP.
I’ll do 2 burn books actions for a total of 4 counter reform attempts

target 1 is Ausburg
that’s 1 protestant die vs3 catholic dice
Papacy rolls first
rolls 3 d6: 3,2,6
a 6
protestant rolls
rolls 1 d6: 5
a 5, success
Augsburg converts to Catholicism.

Next target is Worms
2 protestant cs 3 Catholic
papacy rolls first
rolls 3 d6: 4,4,4
a 4 (well, 3 of them)
protestant rolls
rolls 2 d6: 5,1
a 5, failure

Next is Trier
it’s 4 vs 4
papacy rolls
rolls 4 d6: 4,3,5,6
a 6
protestant rolls
rolls 4 d6: 2,6,5,4
a 6, failure

Finally Cologne
3 papacy vs 4 protestant
Papacy rolls
rolls 3 d6: 5,2,1
a 5
Protestant rolls
rolls 4 d6: 1,6,3,3
a 6. Failure.
Quite an ineffective turn…
turn over

Over to @Tom_Mc

Played HiS for reinforcement in Cologne. File should be uploaded and over to @Cuthbert

  • Ottoman plays Spring Preparations for 3 CP.

  • Szegedin is now under Ottoman political control.

<Greg (Ottoman)> - 1 point to move

<Greg (Ottoman)> - One point to control Szegedin

<Greg (Ottoman)> - One point to move to Buda

<Greg (Ottoman)> - Hungarians have 5 units, cannot withdraw inside the fort

<Greg (Ottoman)> - 12 units plus two for Suleiman= 14 dice

<Greg (Ottoman)> - Hungarians have 5 units plus one for being the defender=6 dice

** Ottoman rolls 14 d6 (+0): 6,1,1,4,1,2,5,3,1,5,5,6,2,1

<Greg (Ottoman)> - 5 hits

** Ottoman rolls 6 d6: 6,4,4,6,4,4

<Greg (Ottoman)> - two hits

  • 1 Ottoman regular eliminated in Buda.

  • 1 Ottoman cavalry eliminated in Buda.

  • 1 Hungarian regular eliminated in Buda.

  • 4 Hungarian regulars eliminated in Buda.

<Greg (Ottoman)> - As Hungary is not a Hapsburg Ally, the Ottomans control one key of Hungary, and there are 4 or fewer Hungarians left on the map

<Greg (Ottoman)> - Hapsburgs intervene-Hungary and Hapsburg now allied,d Ottoman and Hapsburg now at war

  • Hapsburgs and Hungary are now Allied.
  • Ottomans and Hapsburgs are now At War.
    <Greg (Ottoman)> - All Hungarian home spaces with ottoman land units come under Ottoman control
    <Greg (Ottoman)> - Ottomans awarded 2 VP for winning a war
  • Hapsburg score: 16 VP
  • Breslau Brunn Pressburg Mohacs Agram are now under Hapsburg political control.
  • Ottoman earns 2 War Winner VP.
  • Ottoman score: 18 VP

I THINK I did that correctly, please correct me if I got it wrong. Over to @CF_Kane

It is going to take a while for me to move. Not due to any sort of cunning plan—just going to be pretty busy tonight and tomorrow.

Also @Cuthbert, do we have naval units in the same space? If so, they fight a battle immediately.

That’s fine, I’m packing for a last minute camping trip right now.

I do know the card I’ll play and can declare it, but won’t be able to actually, you know, remove it from my hand.