Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

And in other news, while it has still yet to be proven that large alligators prowl New York City’s sewer system, the Fire Department had to go on Safari to bring down this little kitty…

Jeez, a 350-pound tiger? In your living room? What is this, the New York version of Life of Pi?

Jesus, what is it with tigers this week? Roy, of Sigfield and Roy, was mauled on stage this weekend too.

That’s depressing. I mean, they may be the butt of hundreds of jokes, but its just sad.

Bad week for big cats. The entire S&R staff got laid off and the show is dark indefinately. Over 200 people out of work thanks to Montecore the tiger.

I was talking to a friend about this the other day. I can’t imagine the show will ever open again. Assuming Roy doesn’t die, it’s probably going to be a long time before he’s fully recovered (or maybe he never will be), and he would probably want to just retire. Even if he wanted to get back on stage again, I can’t imagine the Mirage putting the show on, even though it’s a huge money-maker. It seems like it’d be too much bad PR, you could never get the damn thing insured, etc. (although casinos probably self-insure, now that I think about it). But my friend thought that it was entirely possible the show will reopen at some point. What do you folks think? Am I totally off my rocker?

(About Sigfriend & Roy, I mean. Shut up, Elhajj.)

I doubt it… Roy, if he survives, has probably seen the last of public animal acts… 40 years is a long time. I imagine Siegfried could do individual shows with not nearly as much staff, but I don’t think he’d want to go on without his partner. Plus most of the staff are already looking for new jobs… it would be hard to get back trained staff like that.

— Alan

Roy turned 59 the day he was mauled. It’s hard to bounce back from a severe injury at that age… he’s not 18 anymore. The body doesn’t bounce back as quickly.

I was reading a possible explanation for the reason the Tiger snapped. When it grabbed his arm, Roy used his microphone to whack it on the nose. But then Roy stumbled, and the Tiger’s predatory instinct kicked in. It’s like seeing the antelope going down; it can’t help but just go for the kill.

Roy suffered a stroke as well, and there’s no indication he can even talk yet.

If he recovers enough to talk and walk, I could see the show going on, but with Roy in a reduced role, appearing throughout but not doing much. They could bring in some younger magicians and turn over parts of the show to them.

I predict that if Roy dies, he won’t be in the show ever again.

Though we can always hope.

Odd note: Haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard that the premise for their show actually revolves around taunting the tiger.

Well, sort of. From my understanding, their training revolves around inuring the animals to the usual triggers (ie putting your head in its mouth). So, it’s not really cruelty ringmaster/lash style, but more of a pavlovian exercise. Obviously, it’s not as precise a science as they thought.

Also, wasn’t there an episode of the Simpsons where exactly that happens to S&R? I mean, down to the microphone tap and everything? Better ban those dangerous tv shows!

You would have thought they’d have been more careful then to let the tiger watch that episode.

I heard they let the Tiger play Doom and Grand Theft Auto. Clearly games are to blame for this violent episode.