Here there be Tower Defense discussion

Siege of Centuri needs time in the oven, its only hitting Early Access on April 16th.

Right now I’d consider it still a ALPHA level of development.

Fair point. Anything specific you would like to see changed?

I haven’t played Siege of Centauri. I don’t take part in early access. I think that would typically ruin my desire to play the released game.

On my wishlist though, so I’ll likely check it out at release.


I would like to also have maps where we can set the path of the enemies.

I wish it had a grid to plop down towers on, I posted about it on the founders forum.

Also its still hard to easily recognise the paths enemies are going to use.

At least the night maps are gone. :)

A game that I really enjoy Alien Shooter TD has easy to see map path markers that light up to show where the enemy is headed.


As did Defense Grid 2.

@Kael Knowing the path of the enemies sure would help a lot when trying to place towers. ;)

I totally agree that we need to do a better job of displaying a grid on the plateaus so you can see exactly where you can place. We are working on it.

Yeah night maps were such an interesting idea. But totally not fun.

If you hold down the alt key you go into “Scan mode” and you can see the paths flying units will take. We can easily mark all paths to be displayed like that (maybe with a different color). But I worry that its to much, it becomes so many paths.

Maybe when you have an enemy selected his path is highlighted?

Path should display when one pauses the game.

Is there going to be some type of progression to make towers more powerful or add special abilities? I would like to be able to effect range, strength, etc.

If the path showed while paused fir all enemies you would just see lots of lines on every path. I think showing the path for the selected enemy will help.

Yes we plan on being able to upgrade your towers. You can see a disabled “Equip” button in the ui. That’s where you will select and upgrade your towers.

WOW does that last campaign mission in MarZ suck…

Completely agree.

For some reason it reminded me of the lame final mission in XCOM Enemy Unknown, except you have to go through a long and tedious exploit early on to grind money (without which the mission is completely impossible). It’s a multi-stage mission with triggers, but you have to start all the way at the beginning every time you fail (which you will without the exploit).


[spoiler]No mineral patches so pretty much no normal income. At the start you have to set up obelisks to turn on an electric fence that fries all incoming zombies. You’re supposed to put all 19 obelisks in so you’ll advance to the next stage, which has no more fence. So you install 18/19 of the obelisks and sit back waiting as zombies keep hitting the fence and slooooowly accumulating money from then until you have enough stored to survive the future stage. The only other realistic way to beat the mission is taking one specific perk that grants money drops.

It’s so bad. I can’t believe anyone thought it would be fun.[/spoiler]

I had an okay enough time with it up until then. Could have used more enemy variety. There are technically different zombies, but the exact same towers and tactics applies to all of them so they never switch anything up. Some can take more punishment, other damage your towers, but ultimately you treat them all the same. The only thing is the boss zombies require single target dps instead of rockets, and I never noticed any real difference between the bosses.

Drone towers seemed useless, and gun towers were obsolete as soon as you got rockets and lasers. You don’t even really need the rockets once you unlock the prism upgrade for lasers (who the heck would ever go for the repair drone uplink upgrade?).

So who is gonna spend the $0.49 ?

You get the 4 game+soundtrack pack for the same price

bought it anyway, even if it does look like a C64 tower defence game.

edit: plays like one too, but at 40p im not going to complain

edit2: a whole pack of 8-bit games, and really basic 1st gen ones at that.

I bought the pack. The graphics look terrible, but I’m amused enough by the premise. I hope it has a decent soundtrack

This is out of early access. It looks like it uses free to play as a type of extended demo, and then you can buy the rest of it later. I’ve just played through the tutorial area. Game loop is gather resources -> upgrade stuff (equipment, defenses, etc) -> defend base to open more upgrades.

Resources are gathered in the world and respawn. Plants, minerals, mobs all have stuff you need.

Base defense uses towers and you augment them by running around helping. Not sure if it can be done with towers only. Combat is simple, but I did run into a creature that required me to dodge a bit. You can drop down towers while in the world gathering resources to help with more difficult encounters.

I need to give it more time before I know if I like it or not. But since the beginning is free, I suppose that only costs time. :)

I had this on my wishlist - interesting to see it’s going FTP. I typically don’t like those b/c of the grind. I’m gone this weekend - so will try it next week.

I look forward to more of your impressions.

Played it a bit more, and it isn’t grabbing me. The mobs attack the towers and when the tower is destroyed it is gone (you have to craft a new one). There doesn’t appear to be any way to have a tower that isn’t attacked. For every enemy path, I believe the idea is to create a single choke point with a bunch of towers (rather than having towers along the way that weaken the mobs).

They awesome developers.

Any new Steam Tower defense games people have tried/recommend?