Here there be Tower Defense discussion

Damnit, my personality has victimised another innocent.

I’m enjoying it plenty! I mean, Jesus, it was $1.69.

Indeed. Best $1.69 that I spent this month!

Were you able to do the Valley level w/out grinding? If so, let me in on your secret. Up until that level, i was enjoying it and thought it was fun and challenging. Once I hit Valley, ugh. No way. Read on the forums for tips and the only tip was “grind” and that’s when I found you can repeat any level and gain all the rewards. No penalty. Ah, well if that’s the way I need to do this then no thanks.

but I’m all ears. Let me know how you beat Valley!

Is that the 2nd island / map? That was where I realized I had to go back and grind for more gems on the first map.

Yeah, which level is Valley? I’ve only beat about 6 maps so far. I have a genetic condition that requires me to achieve perfection on any tower defense level before moving on to the next map. If I lose even one point of health to my home base I have to restart. I don’t know why I’m like this but I am.

I think Valley was the 2nd base on the 2nd island.

I don’t pay attention to the names of the maps, but at a certain point the hours put into this game begin to balance out to about 80% grind and 20% progress. This works for me, but there is a ton of redoing certain maps over and over for gems in order to get over specific humps, which would understandably put some people off.

Yeah, that was the first challenging map for sure. I had to replay it about 6 or 8 times before I achieved my anal perfection. I think I had success using land mines and the pillar of flame special attack to deal with the early rushes of hard-to-kill medics. I filled the middle section of the map first, including clearing out some debris to make more room. And at first I wasn’t making good use of the top section of the map so I was losing a lot of quality damage time. Around the 5th or 6th wave, I started planting towers up top on the paths, plus near the end by the base, and all the while upgrading like mad. I was surprised when it finally worked out!

How’s the game holding up? P2P towers sounds like a balancing nightmare.

I’m making steady progress. I like to do the elite wave and the extra hardcore mission for each level before moving on, so I’ve only passed through the first biome into the second biome so far. And I’ve only unlocked two extra towers so far.

The first extra tower I unlocked were elite soldiers. So normally the barracks in these games have three soldiers who stop melee units in one spot while other towers shoot at them, and it helps keep the enemies in one spot long enough to die. That’s what the default orc barracks are like. But the orcs die really fast. You have to level up their barracks for them not to die so quickly.

Well, the elite soldier barracks puts out two heavily armored guys instead of 3 orcs. So even at level one, they can go toe to toe with enemies for a long time before they die. This is an amazing tower. There were a couple of levels on which I just couldn’t get the third star, but when i went back with these guys in my arsenal, I was able to kick ass. It does make a difference that there’s only two of them instead of three though. I like still having orc barracks in the mix just for sheer numbers coming at me.

The other tower I unlocked has been an area of effect tower that damages everything around it. I’m not a fan of this tower. So far it hasn’t been all that useful, but who knows, maybe in later levels this tower will be the key to do some hard level.

So far I haven’t felt the need to look into what the towers that are only available for sale do. I figure once all the towers through natural progression are all unlocked, then I can look into what the pay to play towers are.

Thanks for the recap!

The final battle in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance has been kicking my ass.

By the way, there was a sale last week, and I couldn’t resist buying a couple of cheap heroes and towers. And I really like them! Having new towers is really cool, especially when they’re this imaginative.

One is the Grim Cemetery, which spawns little zombies. They’re easy for enemies to kill (until you upgrade them), but when enemies die near there, they get respawned as zombies, so if you can put one near a killzone, it can be very effective numbers for stopping more enemies within that killzone. It’s not a traditional melee troop tower, which is what makes it fun.

Another tower I bought is the Rotten Forest. Around a haunted tree, enemies are slowly sapped of their life, so if you can have one near a killzone it helps to kill them just a bit faster. It sounds lame, but if you can upgrade it, you can occasionally spawn treants sporadically, grow roots that stun enemies for short durations and create a fog of despair that makes enemies miss. So it’s kind of lame at first, but when upgraded, I love it.

The final tower I bought on sale is the Deep Devil’s Reef. This one is different because normally towers either have melee troops or are ranged attackers. This one is both. As you’d expect, the ranged attack is weak, and the melee troops (two of them per tower only) are kind of weak too. But I like having the option of a melee tower that also is not a free pass to flying troops.

That leaves 4 towers that are still available for sale to me, but I have to admit they are pretty overpriced right now, about $5 each. Maybe on the next tower sale, I’ll think of getting them. Alternatively I could have gone with the $15 for all towers sale, which has always been available. I might still go with that option one day, I haven’t decided yet.

I’m getting pretty good mileage out of the towers I unlocked and the 3 towers I bought though.

But man, that final battle is brutal. I’m actually playing offense in a tower defense game, which is the weird part. I keep losing not because I can’t prevent enemy troops from entering my zone but because my champion can’t reach his zone before dying.

I came across this EA TD 4X hybrid tonight:

Free demo available.

Arknights = A F2P hero-collector “gacha” Tower Defense game? The conceit is that the individual heroes are towers that you level up with persistent progression. Comes with a story campaign that’s both pretty generic (you have amnesia!) but also really disturbing with wars and mercenaries and oppressed minorities and fighting…and you’re a drug company/army??? Possible warning some/all the people are part-animal, with regular anime art portraits and mini-me “chibi” style art in the map/combat. Cut-scenes are pretty static pictures/portraits/text with some sound effects and screen shaking. Tiny bit of “Fallout shelter”-style base building.

The randomization means you won’t have access to all the units without spending tons of Real World Monies, and the persistent progression means there’s grinding to level up your units using a combination of currencies - but persistent progression also means you can pretty much also grind and out-level a map that you have trouble with. The geometry and unique unit powers also means that all the units are pretty useful, although the higher rarity units tend to be more efficient/have higher level caps.

Anyways, I haven’t spent any real world money and I just finished chapter 3 (of the 4 current chapters, although another chapter is dropping today) and it’s definitely so good that it’s kept me away from my backlog of games I’ve paid for with trying to figure out how to pass “one more map”.

Bloons TD6 is proving itself a competent TD game. I believe number 5 was mentioned at the start of the thread.

The variety in the game is mainly in the towers themselves, various types of monkey. Each monkey has multiple upgrade paths and different outfits for each and you can mix it up with many combos. The enemies are balloons, a few types but its the colours that matter, different colours require more hits and different attack types needed. They whizz past in huge trains but my one criticism is they arent very exciting, more of a game mechanism than anything else. There’s also many game types, weekly games and challenges for if you complete all the game type and difficulties. There seems to be some kind of p2p and shop but AFAIK its not required or needed.

I’m farting around with Pixeljunk Monsters.

It’s probably the worst TD that I keep playing instead of quitting?

It’s definitely the worst one I’ve ever played. How can you stand it?

I honestly have no idea.