Here there be Tower Defense discussion


Has anyone played X-morph : Defense?

I kind of stumbled upon it while shifting through some old Famitsu review scores but the idea of a Twin-stick Shooter / Tower Defense hybrid sounds pretty interesting


I posted about in the thread. Is what is described in the tin. No my tea cup but can be fun for some people.


Legion TD2 launched for early access on Steam 11/20, but there have been substantial server issues. I haven’t played yet, but am really looking forward to it once the server problems are ironed out. Team based multiplayer TD might have some potential.


I see Sanctum 2 is free for a bit…


This looks good, but sadly no maze setup. I sure do miss games like Defense Grid.


Anyone ever play Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault? Any opinion?

There’s a pretty big sale on it on PSN (it comes up regularly, in fact), but it doesn’t seem that great…


This. Arggg I find that part so annoying. Not a fun way to throw in a challenge.

I pretty much agree with all your complaints you mention in this post and in your review later on. I don’t mind the appearing spawn locations too much as it had been easy enough to adapt, but I prefer knowing the locations.

It’s an OK game. I think I’m about halfway through the campaign and the princess is leveled to 13, but I don’t know if I should continue. It’s so easy to keep plodding forward in the camping, but not sure it’s worth the time.


I tried it and it was awful. I think there’s a demo version on PSN you can download, or at least there used to be.


Aegis of Earth looked interesting but i heard the PC port was AWFUL.


I fired up defense grid yesterday. Sucked me right back in. Shame there aren’t more like it.


I ended up finishing the campaign for Lost Hope, but the tower destruction aspect of endless mode made it so I don’t want to return to it. The game isn’t bad and I may still go for the extra stars and what not, but he intermittent rain of death on my towers isn’t fun in endless.

You can try so cash in as many towers as you can since there is an indication which ones will get destroyed, but still a poor mechanic.


Anyone try this one? It looks nice, lots of positive reviews, some mention you have to grind a bit to progress.


I played it and think I enjoyed it. I don’t remember grinding being an issue, steam shows 24 hours of play time. To get 100% achievements you’d have to grind awhile (100k and 150k kills are the only 2 I didn’t get).


This looks interesting, reminds me of a top down Sanctum.


Evil Defenders is pretty enjoyable for the $2 they are asking.


Anyone played this on mobile? They seem to have some kind of F2P monitization which generally turns me off but it does look fun.


Hey there, i’m quietly gonna leave these little suggestions here :) .
Might you be interested in such games as the upcoming Unleash or Legion TD 2 ?


I mentioned earlier about a Starcraft II arcade game called Tower Defense Tycoon. I found another one in the arcade section called Gem Tower Defense which is also a lot of fun.


You may have already read about this in the bargain thread. Fanatical has the Indie Legends bundle 7 for $3.49.

It includes Kingdom Rush Frontiers, a game most in this thread regard well. I picked it up even though I’d played a bunch of it before on Kongregate. Now I can play it in 1080 glory and see the DLC that’s come out since I last played it.

Yup, it’s as addicting as ever. Signing off, will see you all in about three weeks :)


This looks interesting , anyone bite?