Here there be Tower Defense discussion

Anyone ever give this a go? I see 6 steam friends own it:

Ya, once I got to level 9, I had to go back and replay a lot of levels to get 3 stars to get more skills. I put it a lot harder than Kingdom Rush.

The drops are interesting. The things you have to click on (mana potions / curses) to use make sense since you don’t want to waste them. My problem is I’m always clicking on the curses accidentally to pick up something nearby. It’s fine to leave mana hanging on the ground since your mana pool is limited and if you pick up mana when you’re already full, it’s just wasted. Leave it on the ground till you need it.

Whatever happened to Orcs Must Die 3? Did it fall victim to the pandemic economy?

It was patched in January, so someone is working on it.

I happen to find this tonight:

I am playing the Element TD 2 but find it very confusing. It seems that you get points to open various types of towers and then upgrade what they can transform into. BUT…it seems that every tower type can change into that upgrade type no matter what it started as. On top of that I find it hard to see what type of tower is which (especially Cannon vs Arrow).

I have not been able to discern what gives me skill points to upgrade either. I see we level and thought that if I grind a bit as I went up a level I would get more points But that didn’t work yet either unless it is skipping levels or something. Looking for videos where I can find the basics but no luck so far.

The game constantly asks you to join a multiplayer game like ever other minute and you have to decline or wait for it to disappear. I am assuming there must be a switch to shut this off but no luck on that so far.

I found a basic guide on Steam (I always forget to look there for some reason). It helped clear up some of my confusion. Different upgrades to the towers are not sequential to that one type. If you click on an upgrade choice it will highlight some of the the other element towers. It is combining different colors/elements to pick the various upgrades. So in order to have a Money Tower you may have to choose Light & Earth Tower types first (there seems to be more than one path). It reminds me of Gemcraft a bit.

I also learned you can turn off the notifications for multiplayer games on the main screen (on the left side). I was looking in the settings originally.

I grabbed the demo. There is a lot here. You manage, attack and defend territories and build various upgrades to increase production, attack, defense, etc in the territories you own. You also need to make sure the citizens don’t riot by keeping them happy (taxes, authority, etc).

The TD part of it didn’t immediately grab me, but I’m not ruling it out yet. You’ve got to repair your towers, which I’m never a fan of. But I think with some upgrades and with me understanding things more, it might be better.

Anyone else play this?

Funny you bump this thread. I noticed 2 TD games on my wishlist are on sale and out of EA.

Craft In Abyss

Empires in Ruins

Empires in ruins looks very interesting.

I tried the demo to Empire in Ruins months ago.

The tower portion feels way too janky and low production value, like it came out of one of those 80 cent meme purchase TD games.

The writing is trying way too hard to be offensive in your face wacky edgy.

I finished the demo, and it ended before I had a chance to see if I wanted to play more or not. I’ll wait for some other reviews.

Element TD 2 just came out

Why is the McDonald’s clown in their game?

The original WC3 mod had that as well. Why it was there, I dunno.

Looking at the Steam page and trailer videos, am I correct that there’s no pathing control in that one?

I am bought this game which is a mix of City Building and Tower Defense. The game is early access but does have a demo if anyone wants to try it out:

It has excellent reviews.

I am struggling a bit with getting a good start. I think I was building to many types of building but do not have enough citizens to work them. Going to try concentrating on farms, mine, and lumber in my next try (everyone was starving on my first go).

That sounds pretty cool. Wishlisted.

Mixing those two genres really sounds like a natural fit. Thanks for the heads up.

So, I’ve been revisiting Eden Rising. When I first played, it was extremely difficulty to get through the Sieges (the TD part of it). There are a couple difficulty settings now that pretty much solve that. There are still multiple lanes that you need to defend, but you can set sieges to “Solo”, “Group”, or “Tribe” and you can set combat difficulty to Easy, Medium and Hard. The harder you set it, the more rewards you get.

On Solo/Easy I can get through the sieges pretty well now and with better gear, I’m even doing some on Tribe/Easy (just to try to get more Nanochips which is used to upgrade towers). I’ve spent a few hours in it now and I’m still on the fence on it.

With the difficulty solved, now the issue is how fun it is. The Sieges are really short (most are just a couple minutes). The problem is that the next Siege usually uses different lane setups and so you need to move your towers around after almost every Siege. I’d have to think even playing with friends this would get in the way of being fun.

The exploration and resource gathering is fine. You want to find modules around the world to upgrade your capabilities in the Sieges and resources to craft new gear/traps/etc. You craft gloves that can make resource gathering a bit easier.

The general combat is a bit meh. Basically everything is attack, wait for enemy to attack, get behind it and attack until it is done with its attack animation. Repeat. Would have really liked being able to block/parry. It isn’t horrible, but not all that engaging either.

I’ve just been playing the free version and am just about at the limit of what I can do in it. Still undecided if I’m going to buy full thing…

I love lane based TD games but it doesn’t sound like you enjoyed the game.
Is there any reason you might want to pick it up?

By the way you should try

A little easy but it was fun.

The general loop (resources → upgrades → repeat) is still catchy. Right now it works as a time waster, I put on a podcast and (mostly) mindlessly go through the loop.

So, with the mediocre comments why am I even considering picking it up? That’s a fair question and is … sigh … a bit of a story involving a multi-year effort of me increasing my Steam game completion %. It is a silly meta game, but one I’ve been pursuing. Since I had at least one achievement in this game, that means I should get as many as I can. At least I gave up collecting badges…

I put Zombo Buster Advance on my wishlist. Thanks.