Here there be Tower Defense discussion

Sorry didn’t want to drill you lol. I actually find we have similar taste in games (or tower defense games specifically) so I thought I was missing something.

Your 100% completion rate is amazing btw.

No worries and thanks. It has been an interesting project. I’ve revisited games that I bounced off before and ended up enjoying them. I’ve been watching speedruns to help me set paths through games when I only need a couple achievements in them. Overall, I’d say a pretty positive experience. I’ll never get to 100%, things like Super Meat Boy will remain at near 8% forever probably, but I may get to high 80s (I’m at 80% now and started in the low 40s).

I started to play this game, The tech tree is huge! No that is not a big enough word - it is humongous!

For 5 dollars I think it is worth a try.

I’ve had the mobile version for a while although I haven’t made much progress. It’s got a dismaying amount of what I would consider to be F2P nonsense, such as 2-hr long timers to open chests or craft things, but there’s no actual paid currency as far as I can tell. The actual tower defense bits are pretty good.

The progression is slow and there is grinding like it was a free to play game even though it isn’t: good call I couldn’t figure what the tickets and other items were fall about, but you are right on the money, it mimics a free to play game). I don’t mind the grind as I play this while listening to something else. This game wanted to be a Tower Defense only. There is no hybrid like some have a bit of a city builder along with the TD.

The only minor complaint I have is learning all the shapes in order to know what type of weapons will be needed (air or ground based). It is the same thing to learn if they looked liked orcs, or beasts, or whatever. But for some reason I find it harder to remember what a triangle is. I thought that a triangle would be a flying unit since it looked like a plane and kept building antiair guns only to learn that triangles are ground and so on.

There is one thing that took me a bit to figure out. When you come back from the research tree you see a Continue Button. But it is grayed out. You have to click on the New Game button to get back to the maps to continue. It is very, very unintuitive IMHO. Took me a while to figure it out.

Anyone have an opinion on Iron Marines?

-35% Iron Marines on

The 14 minutes I played of it in January seemed alright, I didn’t get back to it though.

I bought it on my phone years ago, because it’s from the Kingdom Rush guys. But then I discovered that it’s not a tower defense game. It’s some kind of RTS type game where you order your troops to move forward and attack things. As soon as I discovered that, I was out, and never played again. I mean, come on, I wanted to play a tower defense game, not order troops to kill stuff.

I think Iron Marines is pretty good. I really like minimal RTS, though, like the levels in C&C/Dune games where you control a small force. Building and manning walls is the most interesting mechanism, for me, and a little tower-defensy. It’s still tower-defense-like in that the peak of crisis in a typical level is typically surviving an assault on your positions, though there are levels where you have to correctly commit to your own attack and won’t be able to successfully fall back to your defenses.

I might pick this up if I have time but it looks really good. From the X Morph defense people. Looks to mix Diablo/PoE with RTS/Factorio mechanics.

I picked this one up and it is an interesting mix. I’ve finished the first island (out of 6 I think). I’m a bit unsure what to think so far. I certainly can improve my base build and tower defense layout, but it doesn’t feel like I can actually lose. If a wave gets through, they destroy some of your buildings, but I never had any issues just rebuilding. Might just be the first island, so I’ll have to see if the second island is much different.

There is a demo, so you can try it out.