Here there be Tower Defense discussion

Add me to this group, too. I came to DG (and DG2) late – I discovered them about 3 years ago – and absolutely loved them both. I have roughly 100 hours in each, having beaten both games multiple times at each difficulty level.

I’ve tried a bunch of the TD games recommended upthread, but haven’t found anything that’s nearly as interesting to me as the two DG games.

Here is a cross between TD & Factorio Lite. It is due out this year.

There is a demo to try out:

I had to watch a Youtube video to figure out how to get started:

Mindustry also does this, just in case you’re not familiar.

This looks pretty interesting. The DK comparison may be overdone, but you dig out your playfield over the course of a level.

This is interesting and there is a “digs prologue” - a playable demo if you will, that you can download & play right now. My only complaint is that levels take forever to play and I wish there was a save ability so you can save / reload because of the time investment.

I just noticed these posts in the Indie thread.

Apparently a tower defense game we should know about! But it’s in Early Access, so maybe one to watch for the future.

This is the kind of early access game that is like “only 30% of the levels are in, but what is there is very polished, very fun, and feature complete.”

I usually avoid early access these days as I just don’t have time to play a game multiple times with overhauled systems, barebones content, etc.

But this is not one of those, I strongly recommend to anyone!

Bought and seconded. This is good.

This is a great game. I need to remap the CNTRL (to control units) to something else as it’s tough on my fingers to press and hold that while WASD’ng on a keyboard.

I did the 2nd nordfell map and it seemed to go on forever and when it declared victory, I wasn’t aware that was the last wave. Should I be seeing something that lets me know it’s the last wave?

When you advance to nighttime the game will popup your wave number e.g. 5/13. It is very easy to miss, and giving a way to see wave number at any time is one of the most commonly requested and easily implemented qol features.

Great. Thanks. I also wish I could mouse over enemy units to see what they are. I’m sure as I play a lot more, I will get to know the icons, but it would be nice if I could see what they are so I can prepare my lines to match the incoming waves a bit better.

You’ve listed two things that were also my first constructive criticisms of the game too! I imagine many other players as well, they are very low hanging fruit. You’ll get used to it eventually, but the game could definitely display more information. The game is made by two guys, but they seem committed so it will likely come at some point.

I really enjoyed everything else about the game. The moment-to-moment gameplay is very engaging, the metaprogression is great and opens up new strategic possibilities as you get more competent with the game. I also really like how each map has a very different strategic feel. So even though there are only 3 maps in the game currently (not counting the tutorial), it still feels like a good amount of variety.

Can’t wait for them to flesh out the game even more.

Please stop. I bought lots of games lately… :)

Dungeon Keeper 1 was already kinda a Tower Defense game, If I remember correctly, half the stuff you where able to build where traps for the invader heroes.

Has anyone played Wall World? I got it last week, been playing it. It is a Roguelike and I think while I haven’t played Dome Keeper (yet), it appears to be a moveable dome that you pilot.

I found the game addicting but very hard for this 60 yr old. It’s a lot of searching and digging and LUCK with what you find in terms of equipment.

As you mine, you collect resources and can buy upgrades to key things that will help you on future runs. It’s a Rogue game, so you die a LOT, but you get blueprints & resources to make your next run a bit better / faster / further.

Steam says I’ve played 13.5 hours, and I’m tempted to do another run or two to see if I’m getting this any better.

Has anyone played this & Dome Keeper? How would you compare the two?

Edit: I had to come up with a different strategy than people with faster reaction times and more ability to multi-task. The boss fights are just not my cup of tea. Trying to dodge incoming attacks, take care of the fliers, and heal before I died is a step of multi-tasking that is just not possible without extra help in the drone / turret department. When I get lucky and RNG grants me those, I can focus on ground troops and dodge & heal and ignore the fliers since they will help pick them up. Otherwise, I just clear the mines and get more blueprints, which give some boosts in the speed & mining department, allowing me to progress faster so when I inevitably died to the 2nd boss (without drone / turret drops), I hopefully gained a blueprint or two.

So another week, another TD game! And boy is this something wonderful.

It’s a TD game based on hexes. You build resources / factories and weapons that each have a pattern on some number of hexes, so it’s super freeform.

You win by getting to the 3rd page of research on the research tree and researching some branch all the way to the right.

The first playthrough is special because I had so many questions (and a few bugs) and I thought it was all over, but then I noticed the “CHOICE” button highlighted on the 3rd page. Pressing it ended the round and I eeked out a win.

The developers are continuing to expand this and will have challenges soonish and I will welcome that because I wish the story part had more difficulty sliders as I won pretty easily on the 2nd game after I had figured it out a bit and did an overhaul on my build order.

Great game! It’s a game I didn’t know I needed, but now that I’ve played it, man I hope they take this game and run with it.

So I’ve played Bee Island a few more times and while I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see where the devs take this game - it is really too easy right now with only the story mode available.

I would recommend wishlisting this and following along till they release their promised update that will have challenges enabled.

It really is a spectacular way of doing TD and I can’t wait to see more difficult settings.

(2) The Best Overwhelming 2024 Tower Defence Building Games - YouTube

Gotta try out the demo of this one over the weekend.

Does it still count as Tower Defense if you defend the Tower? If so…here’s Outpost: Infinity Siege due in March.

It’s a bit of a wild mix - Tower Defense, RTS elements with moving units across the map, FPS gameplay in which you shoot stuff alongside the units and the tower, and, to top it off, also useable mechs since we already have everything and the kitchen sink. (And the gamer bathwater girl near the end of the trailer, for good measure.)

However, it looks like the wild mixture might just work:

And, contrary to what it looks like…it’s a single player game with optional coop. Not a GAAS, not online only. (Colour me surprised here.)

Tried the demo. Definitely going to keep an eye on it but it was hard to get a good feel for it with the limited levels available and I’m still not sure I fully understand how ramparts work.