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If I’ve never played a Creeper World game but own Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal. I see there’s a new space-shipy one out called Particle Fleet, which @tomchick streamed the other day.

Q: If I were to start playing Creeper World, where should I start? 1,2,3? PF?


PF isn’t feature complete yet, so maybe try CW3 as you already have it. CW2 has a really different feel and is well worth playing, but maybe wait for it to show up on Steam.


I was thinking the other day that so many of the TD games I’ve played trickle the traps / levels of traps to you so that when you have finally “won” the campaign, when all your traps are top-level, very few of the levels really are any sort of challenge.

This is evident on Kingdom Rush - I really am no longer challenged with maxxed-out towers & heros, but I do enjoy being creative and seeing how far I can push a map either by limiting myself to certain types of towers, or minimizing the number of towers.

Thinking of the games that give you full access to all towers, right from the beginning, what other games are there? I believe the list is pretty small. Defense Grid series? Sanctum? What else?


Defense Grid 1 did not give you all the towers at once IIRC. There were a few beginning towers and you gained more as you proceeded. I think DG2 gave them all at once.


Defense of Greece TD:

I was looking over upcoming games on Steam and saw this listed. Looks like it is coming out tomorrow (Friday, 11/04).

Not really making me itch for this TD game with Gemcraft waiting for me.


I assume it’s related to “Defense of Egypt”

which is made by the same developer but only has 9 reviews.


Hey, they follow the same pattern as the Pre-civilization games, excepting they go for the reverse order!

An absolutely un-interesting comment, but I don’t know… It amused me they picked the two same themes.


The four weapons they have made me wonder if they were trying to copy Kingdom Rush?


Speaking of Kingdom Rush, they released 3 more maps + 2 new heroes for Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

I found these 3 new maps a little bit easier than the 4 ocean maps they released last month (which were hard even with a level 10 hero).

Kingdom Rush is an exquisite Tower Defense experience. They really have a nice polish on the game.


Yes ditto to that, they are masters of the genre.


Well, Creeper World 1 and 2 are due to unlock on Steam tomorrow.

Creeper World 1: The Anniversary Edition includes new and shinier unit graphics, increased resolution background images, and the same awesomely high ration of strategic depth to game complexity.

Creeper World 2: Yes, this is your grandfather’s Creeper World 2. Now on Steam and with two new and amazing soundtracks from Finn M-K, the composer who did the OST scores for Creeper World 3 and Particle Fleet!

I read someplace that existing owners will receive Steam keys.
Edit: Found out where/how:


We actually just talked to the dev on our podcast regarding Particle Fleet, and he said classic owners will definitely get Steam keys.


I got the DRM-Free versions a while back so now I’ll be able to enjoy these jewels on Steam. Awesome move by the devs. :-)


Might belong to the bargain thread, but Gemcraft is available for the insane discount of 1 buck on Bundlestar (or even less averaging, if you succumb to some of the other gems - Cook, Serve, Delicious, hmmm - proposed)

Game of the Month - April 2017

A friend recommended Oh My Gore!

Edit: played a little bit, and it looks kinda clunky so far.


So, Ironhide studios released the last update the Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and I was very pleased. With no knowledge of the mobile version, I didn’t realize when I bought it, that it was missing many levels, and every month like clockwork (well, except for this last update which took a bit longer), they’ve released 3 new levels + new heroes.

The final update was only one level and two heroes, but again, I felt like I got my money’s worth so many months ago.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is different than Kingdom Rush with new towers and while it has heroes like the original Kingdom Rush, instead of having to level them every game, you can now level them permanently with unique skills you can spend upgrade points on (until they are fully leveled).

I found it very fun and would recommend either Kingdom Rush or Kingdom Rush Frontiers to anyone as I think they are very well made, are challenging, and once you get through all the levels, they have both an Iron Man and a Heroic version of each map where the waves are different and you’re limited to certain tower types.

If you’re like me, you might also use this as a time-waster, having fun with combinations. There is this one tower in the original Kingdom Rush, called Mage which will turn the occasional enemy into sheep. I made an entire level with nothing but sheep + a few bolt towers at the end to clean up any sheep that make it through.


TD update:

  • I briefly returned to Dungeon Defender 2 on PS4. A game that I bought but never played. It has grown and looks more interesting now. Still not has cool the original one, imho.
  • Tried GemCraft, and seems to be the Emacs of Tower Defense games. Theres some complexity here, but is arcane and somewhat obscure. Still based on internet feedback this quality will start to deliver. The starting are somewhat dry and grindy
  • Tried Kingdown New Lands. A really pixel art / experimental game. Is incredible pretty but obscure the game parts to have a hud-less experience and that hurts gameplay.


I did a search on Tower Defense 2017 to see if anything would come up and found something:

Apparently, I never heard of the original Legion TD mod for War Craft 3 (I think).

I guess this is a multiplayer Tower Defense game (sort of).


I just remembered in the last couple of days that I actually own Unstoppable Gorg, and so resolved (see what I did there?) to play it. And I’m finding it tricky - not immediately intuitive in the way Defense Grid (1 and 2) or PvZ were. I can get through the levels but I feel like I’ve just kind of stumbled through - there’s no finesse or strategy and I feel like I’m always reacting. Any good strategies I should be trying to develop?


It has been a while since I played it. I liked it a lot. I think I find that most TD games has the player reacting to what the game throws at them until they’ve played that level multiple times - see what creeps are coming, decide what weapons would work best, observe the results and tweak. Unstoppable Gorg requires the player to rotate the orbits to have success (or at least play optimally).

It may appear that you need multiple towers, but one tower may suffice if you rotate the orbit to keep the enemies within range. I think that game gives you bonuses resources based on your balance, right? So, delaying the building of towers is a way to get more resources.