Herman Miller made their Embody chair a "gamer chair"

I like it, not enough to replace my Steelcase, but it’s good to see a more serious looking “gaming” chair. Maybe they will send all the streamers these things so they can quit using those ridiculously cheap car-seat looking things they all seem to use now.

That version is actually $100 cheaper than the MSRP for the regular Embody chair, so why not? Of course the regular one is on sale for $1,355.75 right now and the “gaming” enhancements are worth approximately zero dollars, so I’d probably go with the cheaper option.

I like the less serious colors of this thing though. I would pay more for it. Office chairs are always so drab.

I’m disappointed there’s no RGB/Lightsync support. I have the exact same chair in uh regular old black.

Fwiw, the Embody I got at the office was pretty awesome for my horrific chronic back pain till my fat ass broke the hydraulic cylinder and started having to use my desk from six inches too low.

Those things don’t last forever, Herman-Miller kit has an eleven year warranty so go get it fixed.

Our previous office admin hid the warranty info for our office chairs very well, so management said to just buy a new one rather than bother with it; our parent org, unlike my direct employer, has more money than sense, and provide all offices and furnishings, so woo.

But then it was Xmas, and then it was our busy interview season, and then COVID-19, so, I never got around to it. Womp womp.

I got mine during the once a year HM 15% off sale that the mfr allows their official retailers.

Real HM chairs have a sticker on the bottom with the serial, that’s all you need to get warranty service. I have a 23 year old Aeron and the seat broke in like 2008, the metal actually snapped. That’s all they needed to fix it on the warranty. Sitting on that same Aeron right this very moment 12 years later.

Expensive computer chairs are worth the money.

I purchased an Aeron in 2014 and it is still going strong to this day. I used to run through a new cheaper chair every couple of years, but not anymore.

I’ve loved my Haworth Zody chair a ton, and I use it probably 8-12 hours a day now, as I both work and game sitting on it. I prefer it to a steel series leap that I got super cheap used off craig’s list (but my wife prefers that to my chair, so it’s really personal preference!) Many refurbished chairs appear be available right now, so it might be the time to pick up something gently used, as most of the good office chairs are built like tanks and should last 10 years+.

The recline feature is what I really like when I’m relaxing.

I’ve always wondered what was up with that. Are they that much more comfortable and/or durable than a regular chair? Do the chair manufacturers sponsor them in some way? Are the chairs donated for ‘product placement’ purposes?

I find it difficult to take these streamers seriously when they’re sitting in those gaudy things. And damn near every gaming channel I’ve watched seems to feature the damn things. They look like something a 13-year-old would lust after.

All the padding characteristic of race car bucket seats in gaming chairs make things more uncomfortable since you are stationary.

That image is oh so relevant to the pc case thread.

Computer desks are equally as hard to find when you don’t want steel, glass or modernism.

The industry is still convinced all gamers are teenage boys, even when they put adult prices on stuff.

Yes, they’re given away free or sponsored.

You mean I don’t play better if my chair looks like a Lamborghini?

Also, I have a refurbished Leap but my back pain is as bad as ever.

I assume you had to take it to a HM service provider to get it fixed? My chairs are getting older and I was wondering if an out-of-warranty repair was easy.

It was a local furniture store that was certified to do it, as I recall.